Tropical storm Helene will hit the Irish coast on Monday as he changes his route.

Predictors had originally predicted that the raging storm would go up the Irish Sea and on to Britain, but now they warn that it will hit pieces from the mainland.

The British Met Office has warned that Helene poses a "danger to life" and that road and rail services could be severely affected.

They warn people against paying attention to falling trees, being aware of being near water and being prepared for possible power outages.

At the moment, it looks like Ireland would not take it so seriously – but Met Eireann says they will continue to monitor and that it might change its course again.


Tropical Storm Helene "is changing to an extra-tropical hurricane," says Met Eireann, who now says he has changed his route to parts of Ireland rather than the Irish Sea.

They said, "The latest forecast has shifted Storm Helene's forecasting path a bit west from yesterday, with the center of the lows now flying over parts of Ireland rather than mainly through the Irish Sea, meaning there is still great uncertainty in the exact lane ,

"Timing is also a small variation, but it still looks like the main influence will be on Monday evening / night and early on Tuesday.

Storm Helene's current route

"The effects of the wind on the yellow level seem to be more and more likely for coastal areas in the east and south, with strong storms or storms in the Celtic and Irish seas.

"In some places there may be short, heavy rains, but due to the speed of the system moving, it is not foreseen at this stage that a rain warning will be required, although this aspect will be further explored in the future the model guidance becomes available with high resolution

Dublin weather

Wind speeds in Dublin today


Any persistent rain will clear this morning quickly and it will be a mostly dry day with sunny spells and only a few showers. The highest temperatures are between 18 and 20 degrees. The wind will be mostly moderately southwest, later south.

This evening

In the evening it will be mostly dry, with clear slogans. Rain will occur in the mornings and will sometimes be heavy. Lowest temperatures of 10 or 11 degrees in light to moderate south winds.


Monday night, the remnants of the tropical storm Helene will be dragging across the land. This is expected to result in high intensity rainfall over a short period of time.

The storm is expected to move quickly through the area, eliminating the rain overnight. The winds associated with the storm are currently expected to be strongest at sea and along the south and southeast coasts, with the winds being moderate to fresh, eastward toward first, and then cyclically variable when the eye of the storm passes.

The exact lane of the storm will determine where the strongest winds will fall and there will be regular updates as this is a strong signal that the strong winds will impact Southford Leinster and the counties of South Leinster. Temperatures overnight will be 12 or 13 degrees lowest.


Tuesday will be a windy day with a moderate to fresh southwest wind, strong and gusty on the coasts. Temperatures will be between 16 and 20 degrees, and it will be largely dry for much of the day, although there will be showers especially on the southern and western coasts. Tuesday night gets wet again with another rain shower. Lowest temperatures 9 or 10 degrees.



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