Ducati launches Multistrada V4S, outstanding high-class safety technology, ready to deliver, price 1,279,000 baht

Ducati Thailand aggressively launches the most advanced big bike Ducati Multistrada V4S for the first time in Thailand. Reinforcing the position of the leader in innovation at the racetrack level Distinguished with the most advanced safety technology, Front and Rear Radar is the world’s first camp. And the ultimate performance from the powerful Ducati V4 Granturismo engine, the best of Ducati, strong and durable with a service valve cycle of 60,000 kilometers, is available for booking today. At every Ducati showroom And on online channels at a price of 1,279,000 baht, confident to meet the needs of Ducatistas and bikers. with a challenge that must be proven only by yourself to strength and safety that are perfectly coordinated #Don’t believe anyone if you haven’t tried MultistradaV4S.

Mr. Krissanakorn Sawetanan, Executive Chairman of Motore Italiano Company Limited, the official importer and distributor of Ducati motorcycles in Thailand, said, “From our commitment to creating a sport touring experience for these Ducatista and the bikers Recently, the company brought Ducati Multistrada V4 and Ducati Multistrada V4S to Thailand for the first time. It is considered the ultimate technology of Big Bike that can combine strength. convenience and safety perfectly

Ducati Multistrada has been popular with Ducatistas around the world for the past 18 years, resulting in more than 110,000 units produced. Perfect in both performance and safety technology, the latest Ducati Multistrada V4S. It’s the perfect answer for the word. “Sports Touring Motorcycle” and responds to bikers who like the ultimate performance of Ducati Super Bike, which is fun, comfortable and ready to ride on every route. both long distance and used to travel in the city The advancement of technology that comes with this big bike. has given you the perfect driving experience like never before. a kind called #Don’t believe anyone if you haven’t tried MultistradaV4S.”

Mr. Dom Hetrakul, Managing Director of Motore Italiano Co., Ltd., said, “Ducati Multistrada V4S was born with a commitment to develop a sporty style motorcycle that is the most comfortable. Can go through all road conditions and provide full safety That’s how the first Multistrada was born in 2003. Strada in Italian means road, when combined with Multi means. “This car can go through all kinds of roads.” In 2021, Ducati has developed the ultimate engine innovation based on the Desmosedici stradale engine, the Ducati V4 Granturismo Engine. Ducati’s identity Comes with the most safety and strength

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At the heart of the Multistrada V4S is Ducati’s signature V4 Granturismo engine. It was portrayed by the desmocidesi Stradale V4 four-cylinder engine, which was installed on the most successful super sports cars such as the Streetfighter V4 and Panigale V4.

The V4 Granturismo engine is installed at the heart of Ducati’s new Multistrada V4 / V4S with the new Spring valve return system that is durable, easy to service, and extends the service life of the valve seat. 60,000 km or more than twice the old engine block like the DVT 1260 L-Twin engine! The size of the engine is also smaller. And the weight is reduced to 1.2 kg, making the placement of the engine possible perfectly. As a result, the balance of the car is more excellent as well.

The volumetric capacity of the engine Was increased to 1,158 cc, but was tuned to be more suitable for sport touring cars, making it smooth and smooth at low speeds. while the middle to the high It has the same performance as a sports car ever. It can also produce torque up to 125 Nm and produce up to 170 horsepower at 10,500 revs. It is considered the most powerful Sport Touring car in the world right now!

That’s not enough. The Granturismo V4 engine is also packed with cutting-edge technology from the racetrack. Twin-pulse ignition system for powerful yet smooth torque and Reverse rotating crankshaft anti-clockwise crankshaft. That allows the car to be able to resist the Gyroscope effect on the car, resulting in a more stable car. Reduce engine vibration It also makes the driver of the Ducati Multistrada V4S easier to control as they want.

In addition to the race-track technology packed into the Granturismo V4 engine, Ducati is also more mindful of the rider with a rear cylinder deactivate system that deactivates the rear two cylinders at idle. to improve fuel consumption It also reduces the cumulative heat of the engine room and reduces vibration. Allows the rider to travel in any situation worry-free anymore with a weight of only 66.7 kg, cooled by water. thus providing a smooth driving experience. smooth walking in low laps Torque came right in the middle. and powerful at high rpm low maintenance cost Change the oil every 15,000 kilometers and the most important thing is durability.

The Multistrada V4S is designed to be strong, beautiful and meticulous in every detail, including the Monocoque frame, a frame that is often seen in high-priced superbikes. The monocoque frame is a one-piece die-cast with no connection points, making it extremely strong. To accommodate all road conditions and to make the Ducati Multistrada V4S the most complete car, Ducati has brought this innovation to the Ducati Multistrada V4S.

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In the overview, it can be seen that the Ducati Multistrada V4S is a big bike that reflects the technological advancements of Ducati in every aspect, both strength, comfort. and safety which Ducati is the first camp in the world to introduce Front and Rear Radar, automatic cruise control technology, installed on a motorcycle. By working with the Adaptive Cruise Control system, it makes long distance driving easier, worry-free and very safe for the driver. The front radar or Front Radar is installed in the middle of the car’s headlights. To slow down when approaching an object in front of you, the Cruise Control symbol turns yellow. and the car will slow down And when the front obstacle is out of range, the car will return to the same speed. While the rear radar or Blind Spot Detection serves to detect objects behind the car. In the case of an object approaching the car from the rear The warning light on the side mirror will flash immediately, signaling.”

Ducati Multistrada V4S meets all travel needs. and all road conditions With four riding modes: Travel, Enduro, Sport and Urban, it works with the Ducati Skyhook electric suspension developed from the Ducati Multistrada 950S.

The safety technology of the Ducati Multistrada V4S is very advanced, with Ducati providing full and complete features, including Cornering ABS to improve braking performance in curves more precisely, Ducati Traction Control that controls rear wheel flicker. When the sensor detects that the speed of the rear wheel is greater than the front wheel The system will automatically reduce the speed of the rear wheels immediately. without decreasing speed To prevent flicking or round the end of the car

There is also a Ducati Wheelie Control, a torque control system. Help in taking care to prevent wheel lifting Ducati Quick Shift up / down automatic gear shift system. Without having to hold the clutch and the accelerator, Vehicle Hold Control to start while the car stops on a steep slope. Stability control system of the car body when slipping or losing control which this system will help the driver within a split second

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A testament to Ducati’s technological superiority and racetrack experience. that have been transmitted to actual use To superbikes in the premium segment, such as the Panigale V4/V4S, Streetfighter V4/V4S, which uses a four-cylinder engine and uses a monocoque frame, this frame is also passed on to the New Monster model, including technology. And the strength Ducati puts in the Ducati Multistrada V4S.

Under the support of the parent company, Ducati Thailand, has brought the new Ducati Multistrada V4 / V4S to be sold and open for reservation, a total of 3 sub-models to provide customers with a variety of options. At a special price as follows:

• Ducati Multistrada V4S price 1,279,000 baht
• Ducati Multistrada V4 price 990,000 baht
• Ducati Multistrada 950S price 669,000 baht

Ducati Thailand also organizes special promotions for Ducati MultistradaV4 / V4S in full, including special 3.29% interest, 3-year car quality insurance, unlimited mileage. 24-hour emergency assistance service for 3 years and a Touring Package worth more than 60,000 baht. In addition, the most special, full package, only the first 10 customers will receive an additional Enduro Package worth 60,000 baht, a total value of 120,000 baht, from today until 31 September. 2021

Schedule a test drive of the Ducati Multistrada V4S and Ducati Multistrada V4 today. via online channel at Line Official : @Ducatithailand or call to make an appointment at dealers nationwide

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Ducati Phitsanulok 061-864-9999
Ducati Lopburi 036-740-421
Ducati Phuket 088-757-4129

Ducati Thailand by “Motoré Italiano Company Limited” is the only official Ducati importer and distributor of Thailand. From July 1, 2021, Ducati Bangkok showroom and service center, Suvarnabhumi branch and Pradit Manutham Branch open daily Not except holidays, from 8.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.