Ducati sends All New Monster to attract bikers, opening price 449,000 baht with 0% interest campaign for 4 years

Ducati Thailand joins forces with big bikes to capture the hearts of Ducati fans across the country, launches All New Monster, highlighting the legendary Naked Bike, lightweight, packed with technology It’s as fun to drive as Ducati has ever been. Confident to meet the challenge of bikers who are eager to unleash the Monster with a sensational price starting at 449,000 baht, available for booking today at Ducati showrooms nationwide. Special campaigns on Ducati’s official stores on LazMall at Lazada, get the right to book All New Monster for only 5,000 baht and choose to arrange 0% interest for 4 years or easy installments of only 7,016 baht per month as well.

Mr. Krishnakon Sawtanan, Executive Chairman of Motore Italiano Co., Ltd., the official importer and distributor of Ducati motorcycles in Thailand, said, “Based on the success of the last 3 months, Ducati Thailand has entered come to market big bike Which has launched two new Ducati models together, which is the Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse limited edition with only 12 cars in Thailand and the Multistrada V4 / V4S Big Bike. Sport Touring line That comes with the most high-class technology and safety. Today, Ducati Thailand will not hesitate to shake the market and continue to add fun to bikers. With the launch of the latest big bike “All New Monster”, the most fun. That is ready to meet the lifestyle, fun driving, ready for you to release and surge the Monster to be satisfied and fully enjoy life in every route, both in the city and in the provinces.

Ducati Monster is a model that has been popular and has been a huge success over the past 29 years, having set a record for selling and selling to the market more than 350,000 units worldwide, so the launch of the All New Monster is yet another. One testament to the success of Ducati’s innovative technology and safety developments. With the weight of the car reduced to 18 kg, the design is modernized and responds to the agile shape. but still cool Fully Italian designed, confident that All New Monster will provide a fun and new experience as the concept of I AM A MONSTER.

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At the end of this year, Ducati Thailand is ready to open a new showroom for customers in the Thonburi zone. Start from Ducati Ratchaphruek branch which is a showroom and a complete service center for both sales and after sales service, with an area of ​​​​270 sq m. has 3 bays and can show more than 10 cars, including in the near future, Ducati Thailand has There is a plan to open a service center to cover the Northeastern region, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, as well as Hat Yai to support the Biker Community thoroughly.”

Marco Biondi, Ducati’s vice president of sales and marketing for Asia-Pacific, said: “The new Monster is the star of everyone in Borgo Panigale, with a record sales of over 350,000 vehicles since Introduced in 1993, the Monster is a proud model. and record the history of the major achievements of Ducati It is the best-selling model and has made the highest sales since Ducatima opened. For the latest model, the All New Monster has been redesigned throughout the vehicle. To be outstanding and excellent in every aspect, especially the sport lighter weight easier to use and make driving fun which from the launch in other regions of the world has received a strong response I’m so confident that All New Monster launched today. will be warmly welcomed and popular with bikers in Thailand And can create success in sales as well.”

Mr. Dom Hetrakul, Managing Director of Motore Italiano Co., Ltd. revealed the outstanding All New Monster that in addition to the performance that comes with a 937 cc engine, 111 horsepower and 93 Nm of torque and safety technology. Greater and more superior, All New Monster is also a big bike that combines the fun of driving for a biker to the fullest. packed with technology high mobility With the lightest weight at only 166 kg, down from the Monster 821 to 18 kg, it is considered a good weight and very suitable for a car in its class. It also weighs as well as a real sports car like the Panigale V4 Superleggera.

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The weight loss of up to 18 kg of the All New Monster is a result of

1. The engine set has been updated and the design is new. The L-Twin Desmodromic valve Testastretta 11˚ engine reduces the weight by 2.4 kg.
2. New design aluminum alloy wheels resulting in a weight loss of up to 1.7 kg.
3. Double Side Swingarm has been developed to reduce the weight to 1.6 kg but still maintain good strength.
4. And for added strength, the New Monster inherits the technology of the Moto GP track, the Monocoque frame, resulting in a 4.5 kg weight reduction.
5. The rear subframe uses Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer material, making it lighter by 1.9 kg.
All New Monster has been designed and developed for the riding position to reduce fatigue. therefore give confidence and greater driving comfort The seat height is 775 mm (standard) and 820 mm (optional). The footrest is angled for a more comfortable and firm fit.

All New Monster is a car that is known to drive agile. and still have fun streamlined shape But still the aura of Italian design It comes with all 3 driving modes: Sport, Touring and Urban, while safety technology has been developed to be more advanced. more safe and easier to use, for example

– Cornering ABS (front wheel only) system that helps adjust the brake fluid pressure appropriately. The sensor will work to measure the tilt of the car while cornering. Improves braking performance in curves to be more accurate.
– Traction Control, the stability control system of the car When the car slips or lose control This system will help the driver in a split second.
– Wheelie Control controls the lifting of the front and rear wheels.
– Launch Control technology from the Moto GP track was added to the New Monster for the first time, helping to maintain a stable high-speed start.
– Quickshifter up & down, both up and down gear shifting without squeezing the clutch Create comfort and seamless fun with the rider.

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With the support of the parent company, All New Monster quickly arrived in Thailand. And ready to open for booking immediately at a price that is set as a challenge to rival cars in the same class, available in 2 colors: MONSTER RED, priced at 449,000 baht and MONSTER Aviator Gray, priced at 453,000 baht, can be reserved at all Ducati showrooms. or special booking via Lazada channel, Ducati partner To allow customers to access All New Monster easily, quickly and without falling out of training, with additional privileges, is to reserve All New Monster for only 5,000 baht * starting from September 29 to October 15 only *Terms and conditions apply by the company. set

so that customers can make decisions and choose to experience the fun of All New Monster without hesitation In addition to the challenging pricing, Ducati Thailand also has a special campaign to add. with a special interest of 0% for 4 years, free of registration fees and the law and 24-hour emergency assistance services, free maintenance for 2 years or 30,000 kilometers, and free first-class insurance for 1 year and free registration fees and the Act.

In addition to the All New Monster, which can be a companion for bikers to drive around the city with fun and agility, Ducati Thailand also recommends the Hypermotard 950 that is packed with quality. Ready to be a friend to challenge you to have fun driving at any time. Including if taking down to roam in a short track both of these models It can create fun driving equally.