Duchess Kate: – Scar attracts attention

Duchess Kate (40) is perhaps one of the most talked about women in the world. The future queen is known for her elegance and style. Now there is a detail about the Duchess that attracts attention.

Surprises with private photo

Kate has a seven centimeter long scar at the temple, writes Svensk Damtidning.

TEN YEARS: On the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary, Prince William and Duchess Kate share this video.
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Many theories

The Duchess’ scars are probably unknown to many, but the theories surrounding the mysterious injury have flourished for many years already – among other things, several have speculated whether it originates from an injury from when Kate played field hockey.

Kate played field hockey at a young age. She played in both primary and secondary school, before leaving to study art history at St Andrew’s University in Scotland. There she met Prince William (40) in 2001.

Therefore, they are not on the guest list

Therefore, they are not on the guest list

The scar is mostly hidden under Kate’s hairline, but you can see it here:

SCAR: A distinct scar runs along Duchess Kate's temple.  Photo: REX / NTB.

SCAR: A distinct scar runs along Duchess Kate’s temple. Photo: REX / NTB.
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The theories were so many that the British royal family already in 2011 had to make a public statement

According to the royal family, the scar is due to an operation she underwent as a child. The royal family has not gone into further detail regarding the scar, or the background for the operation.

ON YOUTUBE: Prince William and Duchess Kate can now be found on Youtube. Video: Youtube / The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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Much discussed

Recently, Prince William and the Duchess unveiled the first painted portrait of them together as a couple.

The duke couple were arched

The duke couple were arched

There were also big headlines during the anniversary celebration of Queen Elizabeth (96). Neither Harry (37) nor Meghan (40) have been on speaking terms with the heirs to the throne.

The relationship between the brothers has been icy cold ever since the much talked about interview Harry and Meghan did with Oprah last year.