Due to a lack of staff: Europapark Rust caps the number of visitors – Baden-Württemberg

Rust. Germany’s largest amusement park, the Europapark in Rust, temporarily caps the daily number of visitors. In this way, “we channel visitor flows in order to guarantee guests an optimal experience,” said a company spokeswoman on Wednesday when asked.

“There is not enough staff and the guests notice that when restaurants or food stands are not open,” said a company spokeswoman for the “Badische Zeitung”. More than 50,000 people visit the park on peak days.

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Within the industry, however, Europapark sees itself well positioned in terms of personnel. According to the newspaper, the company reported 150 vacancies in April. At that time, a need for 500 more workers was mentioned for the holiday months.

Park keeps looking east for collaborators

According to the amusement park, the search for employees in the catering and hotel industry is taking it further and further east – to Kyrgyzstan. The company has been working with agencies in Bulgaria and Hungary for years, and there is another office in Slovakia. Meanwhile, Europapark is also recruiting staff in northern Germany and throughout France.

The Europapark, which claims to have almost 5,000 employees, around 5.8 million visitors (2019), over 100 attractions, six themed hotels and the associated water world, is not only a magnet for visitors, but also an important company for the regional economy.

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