Due to early diagnosis, cancer mortality in Russia decreases

Due to early diagnosis, cancer mortality in Russia

According to the Ministry of Health, since 2015, there has been a steady increase in the number of deaths of cancer patients. But in 2017 the indicator decreased. If last year, cancer claimed 289 thousand lives, now only 196,9 thousand – for the first time in five years the terrible figure does not exceed 200 thousand. The volume of high-tech medical care for patients with cancer in five years increased by 2.5 times. In 2012, 68 thousand people received it, in 2017 this figure increased to 172.2 thousand.

” Due to active oncology, in 2017, at the early stages (the first and second), about 56% of malignant tumors were detected, and in a number of cancer localizations, up to 85% “, – informs referring to the Ministry of Health .

In order to improve the chance of curing the cancer patient, in the future it is necessary to continue the applied research practice. To do this, 1-2 times a year to conduct screening, especially in the risk group – at the age of 50 to 75 years, says the chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of Health, Mikhail Davydov.
This Monday, Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova also told reporters that mortality from cardiovascular diseases fell this year by 25%, and from myocardial infarction – by 17%.
Earlier, the Fifth Channel reported on planned for 2018 projects of the Ministry of Health .
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