Due to his illness, Oyster Alexandra gained 15 kilos

He was diagnosed with insulin resistance.

Alexandra’s sheriff he has always paid close attention to eating healthy and playing sports, yet he has gained 15 pounds in the last year. He consulted a doctor on the advice of a friend, and it was soon revealed that he was struggling with insulin resistance, Story magazine writes.

The actress was already sick of the sugar syrup in the five-point sugar test, as she had not consumed anything that contained sugar for years.

My body turned out to be intolerant to sugar, but it also showed that my blood sugar levels were perfectly fine. This is where the trap begins, because you are reassured that you are not diabetic, but you do not know that you are still ill because your insulin levels are not normal at all.

Explained Oster, who, although he had not yet reached the end of the examinations, changed his diet, and instead of running, his doctor advised him to jog, swim, ride a bike and walk.

He takes the rules seriously, saying that even if he is a little seduced, the negative effect will be seen almost immediately.

You can’t seduce me, I don’t have to commit crimes, I got a little pizza last time, I immediately got two pounds, which I haven’t been able to drop since.

Said the actress, who hopes her one-year struggle will end soon and regain her competitive weight.