Due to the threat of suicide, R. Kelly is under constant surveillance:

As we wrote last week, the R&B singer known by the stage name R. Kelly, who was accused and found guilty of sexual harassment, was sentenced to thirty years in prison by the competent Brooklyn federal criminal court.

Former pop star R. Kelly (full name Robert Sylvester Kelly) was found guilty by a jury last year on nine counts, including sexual exploitation of minors, kidnapping and bribery. However, the penalty sentence has only just been determined. The African-American musician consistently and throughout denied the accusations brought against him.

A little reminder:
The Grammy-winning Kelly, whose most famous song is I Believe I Can Fly, was tried in Chicago in 2008 for child pornography, but was acquitted. The musician was imprisoned in July 2019 due to the new charges. In August, another lawsuit will be filed against him in federal court for child pornography and obstruction of justice. In addition, he has to face trial in Illinois and Minnesota for various charges.

R. Kelly in court. (Photo: Getty Images)

24. hu now writes that the prison authorities after the sentencing placed the singer under 24-hour surveillance, after a psychiatric examination has determined that there is a clinical risk that

harms himself or ends his life with his own hands.

Kelly sued the Brooklyn prison on Friday, saying it is not necessary to keep him under special supervision. His reasoning is that prison staff use surveillance as punishment for high-profile defendants. He claims he has no suicidal thoughts, yet he has been placed under surveillance and locked up.

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Your submission also includes: due to the risk of suicide, prisoners under observation often have to wear clothes made of paper, and in some cases they are not even given cutlery, so they have to eat with their hands. According to Kelly’s lawyers, the effects of strict confinement and surveillance caused irreparable damage to the singer, who was mentally prepared for the sentence.

In contrast, the prison and the lawyers claim: it would be unprecedented for the prison, based on its own self-analysis, to release Kelly from custody, where he was placed for his own safety.