Duel: Celebrity couples are set on fire and doused in ice water, but maths is the biggest challenge

There are still celebrity couples who can be hanged, burned, or even shot out of a catapult, so that they can maneuver their way through the game for the ten million HUF grand prize while lurking in a villa. We’ve seen this basic situation a thousand times – we watch well-known and lesser-known couples – the celebrities are also on the decline, so TV2, for lack of a better word, turned the danger factor to the maximum, in its new program, the A duelextreme challenges are presented to the competitors.

It is now in its sixth season on RTL Klub A winning pairand proved in the best way that the people devour celebrity couples fighting with each other as if there was nothing else on TV. TV2 also tried to delve into celebrity relationships The bravest couple with his show, but the recipe didn’t work, it produced disastrous numbers, and after two seasons they didn’t even push the format any further. However, while the competition of celebrity couples is still popular on RTL, it was only a matter of time before they came up with something newer, bigger and more attractive than the rival, and the solution finally came from Serbia.

Starting on October 17th A duel at the press screening, the managers of the channel said that they caught their eye on the format in the Serbian TV offer, which does not simply connect several well-known people together with their partners and put them together through various competitions, but marries all this with some elements of another extremely popular genre. The star couples have to complete quite extreme challenges and tasks – as stated here indeed couples were in danger. The well-known, lesser-known and completely unknown characters of the tabloids are shot from catapults, put in ice water, or even dogs are set on them, but the essence is the same: they fight, tactic, fight, sob, make up, misbehave and dramatize, and in the end, someone takes home ten million HUF.

Although this was not revealed in the part of the program shown at the presentation, according to the channel’s announcement, the couples participate in different types of games, they have to stand up for themselves in the test of courage, but in the subsequent confrontation they compete against each other. Based on the combined results of the two, a couple will be in last place, but they won’t be let go so easily either, and besides, no one thinks that just their performance in the competition will send the couples home, or they will be marooned in the villa. There is no reality without voting, the opportunity inherent in tactics and scheming A duel don’t miss out either: the duel opponent of the last place is voted by the others.

TV2 A A duel hosted by András Stohl.

But where are there still enough celebrities to fill new shows with?

The question arises not only in the viewer, but also in the players’ faces the incomprehension was spectacularly reflected as soon as another couple arrived, and even from the small interviews it was also revealed that many have a serious fear that they will not know how they should know the person. For today Winner duo the dilemma of where to rake in more and more well-known people from last season also arose, and the channel could feel this as well, as well as the fact that a few names are enough, to which you can always pull moderately well-known people from the pits of television or elite sports. In such cases, it immediately takes on a new meaning, why it is already running with a double-digit season Real worldbecause there is always someone to catch up with, and this recipe is a A duel also follows. We will save you the search, here is the list of competitors and how we should know them:

  • Edina Kulcsár and Márk Varga GwM – the only couple that may not need to be introduced to anyone are the so-called first names. The former beauty queen, now primarily an influencer, and the Budapest rapper.
  • Gaspar Evelin and Attila Varga – Gáspár is a second-generation reality star, his father Gáspár GyőzőVarga, on the other hand, works in the construction industry away from show business.
  • Viktor Varga and Liliana Zsembera – Varga is a singer, and for ten years he has practically been untouchable from various reality shows, Zsembera is, among other things, a dancer at the Madách Theater.
  • “Chocolate” by Chris Tanoh and Egedi Hedda – Csoki appeared in the ninth series of Válo Vílág, since then he has already worked as a cook, but mostly he expected to run a show. Almost no information can be found about Egedi.
  • Heatlie David and Dora Heatlie – Heatlie Éva Csepregi as his son, he not so surprisingly chose the musical career, among others he played drums in the bands Neoton Família Stárjai, Groovehouse and Blue Tips, in 2019 The songalso appeared in His wife is a civilian.
  • Aryee Claudia Dedei „Tücsi” and István Sofron – Tücsi first modeled, then entered television as a host of Sportklub Extra, and currently runs a lifestyle show on his own YouTube channel. Her husband is a national hockey player.
  • On the Monoki Page and Gyenesei Leila – Monoki is the presenter of Exatlon All Stars, Gyenesei is a pentathlon runner and cross-country skier, he was previously known to those more receptive to the tabloids as the singer, Pál Feke was his wife.
  • Gaal Noémi and Tamás Bán – Gaál can probably jump in on the weather, he was TV2’s weather forecaster for almost twenty years, and now he shares the current weather with the viewers at ATV. Bán civil.

A A duelin the classic sense of the word, there is practically only one star couple, but despite this, the producers tried to select well-known people with screen-compatible couples, people who will presumably not only take the obstacles nicely and without saying a word, but also take their part in the intrigues. It is already clear from the first part that A duel not just an obstacle race or self-awareness training, but rather a tactical reality, where artificially excited tensions will be the real minefield.


The first such conflict was introduced in the opening episode, and since the couples were tense without a serious explanation of the context, it is necessary to know a little about the celebrity history of the last year in order to know why Edina Kulcsár looked at Viktor Varga with narrowed eyes. For those who might not be able to recall the tense situations that have recently erupted between the participants in the show, we will help them again: Varga got involved with Kulcsár when he released his debut song in January this year. The singer said something about Kulcsár’s singing qualities that “people like to eat shit”, but also added that “Bartók and Kodály are turning in their graves right now”. For this reason, the smile that the Kulcsár-GwM pair and Varga exchanged was understandably not sincere, and they did not avoid the hot porridge for too long. They hadn’t even unpacked the suitcases yet, there was already a conflict because of this, and although a half-hearted apology was given, they probably won’t let such a valuable source of conflict shrivel in the bud, and the topic could easily come up again.

For the time being, the program follows the “we laugh at them, not with them” principle, you can watch for a long time Csoki’s paralysis on the very first obstacle course to the undercut comic music, or the way the Heatlie couple almost outdo themselves in the first task during their drama, which is also full of tears out of the competition by not being able to add two numbers together – even though his wife later proved in vain that he is not stupid, just dyscalculic.

Based on the start, it seems that Csoki can be the big-name and secret adjutant of the series, who brings an instantly memorable character with his continuous texting and almost cartoonish lameness, and it also turned out that he and GwM are national friends. The latter is obviously also taking advantage of his newly arrived celebrity status, moreover, he will not be far from the intense moments, the A duel presenter, András Stohl because he revealed at the presentation: once during the filming, he seriously believed that the rapper was going to hit him.

A A duel compared to the previous celebrity couple shows, it really wants to bring the excitement factor with the presented tasks: according to the channel’s promise, they did everything to push their players to the limits of their performance and fears. But let no one be under any illusions: the fights that are really interesting to the viewers and that drive the ratings will not take place in the icy water, on the climbing wall or on the beams staring into nothing, but during the hushed conversations that take place between the walls of the luxury villa or during the subsequent theatrical fights. But what else could we expect from a celebreality?