Dugarry: "Neymar spits on the PSG"

Dugarry: "Neymar spits on the PSG"

The absence of Neymar Jr for the crowning of the PSG in Ligue 1 Sunday night scandalized Christophe Dugarry. “If he was in Barça, he would have returned without any problem,” said the RMC consultant.

Paris Saint-Germain did not need Neymar Jr to crush AS Monaco Sunday night (7-1), and go get the seventh title of champion of France in its history. But the absence of the Brazilian, remained in his country where he treats his foot injury in the context of the World Cup, is the big black spot of the evening for Christophe Dugarry. According to him, the former player of Barça should have been at the Parc des Princes to celebrate this victory with his partners. “How Neymar may not be here for the title game? wonders the RMC consultant. How can we give him the label of leader when he does not come to share that? How the PSG can accept something like this? How can he look at his teammates in the eyes by behaving like that? ” Neymar Jr was well in front of his TV to watch this game, without devoting 100% of his attention to that, since he played at the same time a game of poker online. Moreover, we can judge wise that the Brazilian striker prefers to heal rather than inflict a displacement of more than 8000 kilometers for a hypothetical celebration (if Monaco had won the Park Sunday night, he would come “for nothing) And Neymar, if everything goes as planned, will be set up for the last game of the season at the Parc des Princes, where he will be able to communicate with the Paris fans. For Dugarry, however, it is far from enough. “He’s spitting on the club, dares the world champion 98. I find it scandalous. If he was in Barca, he would have returned without any problem. I can not stand these players who are just looking at the belly button. It is a collective that wins matches, they are never individualities. And we think that PSG can win the Champions League with attitudes like that .. “

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