Duke Nukem Forever fan-made remaster returns the game to its original glory


Duke Nukem Forever, the infamous Gearbox and 3D Realms first-person shooter that spent 13 years in development hell, has been improved and “overhauled” with an ambitious new mod that aims to bring the distant relative of Doom and Quake closer to the original ’90s shooter style .

As previously reported, Duke Nukem Forever contained many visual elements that were scaled down or completely cut prior to its 2011 launch, with modder Vinicius Medeiros trying to restore the shooter to a form more in line with Gearbox and 3D Realms’ original plans. Medeiros’ original work, with improved lighting and shadows and more detailed skyboxes, showcased what Duke Nukem Forever might have looked like had it not been nerfed prior to release. Now the modder is revisiting Duke Nukem Forever’s gameplay to bring it closer to the “classic shooter” style that the series was originally known for.

“Duke Nukem Forever: Enhanced is a 2011 DNF mod that aims to improve the gameplay of the original game and make it feel more like a classic shooter,” writes Medeiros. This means removing the sprint feature from the game, but makes the overall movement much faster. Jump height has been increased and the game’s weapon arsenal has been rebalanced. There is no longer a limit to the number of weapons Duke can carry, and the game’s driving stages are now played out in first person. Quick saves are available, as well as a number of post-processing visual effects and improved shadow dynamics.

You can download Duke Nukem Forever: Enhanced here.

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