Duolingo launched an update that is beneficial for both beginners and experts in a language


Duolingo will implement the crowns system, which will allow more advanced users to continue with more difficult lessons in each skill.

Duolingo He had a big update ready at the beginning of this year. The language learning application made its platform more attractive to language-loving experts without affecting the progress of those just starting. Its modification revolves around the so-called ” Corona levels ”
The problem with the application was that people who already had a certain skill on one level were bored . When the managers tried to increase the difficulty to the lessons, they frightened the most novices. In Duolingo they were stuck because you have to finish a lesson completely before continuing to the next. On the other hand, the advanced ones required to learn more words, more sentences and more difficult sentences. Something very complicated to solve, without a doubt.

The solution
Duolingo proposed an improvement to his system that began calling “Skill Levels” and today it is known as ” Crown Levels “. The calls ” Corona levels “They pose an extra difficulty without demanding that they be completely overcome to visit another lesson.
When you finish a lesson you can activate the “Corona” option, which will allow you to repeat it several times. Each time you repeat it, you will increase a bit the progress of the crown that is numbered from 1 to 5. At the same time it will make the teaching more complicated, something appropriate for someone who wants a challenge.
You can choose to continue through the teaching tree to learn new content, or take the time to review the previous material by leveling up your skills. ”
The changes are applied to the Android, iOS and web versions.


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