Sinn Fein was charged with "double standards" following a week of violent unrest calling for two republican killings of dissidents against police officers in Londonderry.

On Thursday, there were the sixth consecutive trouble in the city when rioters – some were only 12 years old – in the Nazi Bogside area more than 70 gas bombs hurled at the police.

The police presence in Londonderry as disorder has broken out in the city for the sixth consecutive year. Brian Lawless / PA Wire

The police presence in Londonderry as disorder has broken out in the city for the sixth consecutive year. Brian Lawless / PA Wire

Two explosives were also thrown at officers, calling the PSNI a "sustained and prolonged attack."

Three men, ages 18, 22 and 50, were arrested after the nightly riots. The 22-year-old was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The 50-year-old man was charged with improper behavior and is scheduled to appear before the Omagh Magistrates & # 39; Court today.

Chief Constable George Hamilton said the so-called "New IRA" is the main dissident group behind the recent violence.

He expressed concern that it was "nothing short of a miracle" that no one was killed as a result of the attacks on his officers.

Yesterday, Sinn Fein director Mary Lou McDonald said young people "should not be exploited as cannon fodder to help those who have failed political and personal plans."

But their comments were slammed by DUP MP Gregory Campbell, who said the SF president "comfortably overlooks" the past actions of violent Republicanism.

He told the News Letter: "While most people will agree with what they say in this case, it is unfortunate that it took so long for them and the organization that represents them to come to that point."

He said that dissident Republicans are now emulating the IRA's tactics during the riots – organizing behind-the-scenes disarray and putting young people on the front line to pull the police.

"I expect she hopes that people will not remember that the organization she now leads was responsible for very similar actions in the past," said East Londonderry's representative.

"It conveniently overlooks what has happened in the past, but Sinn Fein's double standard is not overlooked, and dissident republicans seem to be repeating the mistakes made by the IRA."

Meanwhile, Doug Beattie from the UUP said the week-long violence in Londonderry would be "not tolerated" if it took place in a city in the UK.

He said, "We have a Foreign Minister whom you would expect to be fully involved in what's going on, but she seems so divorced and distanced that it shows that the government is not her focus If this mess was going on in Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow, additional funds would be provided to help the police. "

In a statement, NI secretary Karen Bradley condemned the incident as "totally unacceptable."

"My full support goes to the PSNI and others who are working so hard to end this unbearable violence by a small minority," she added.

DUP boss Arlene Foster has warned that "someone will be killed" if the riots continue.

She tweeted yesterday, "Really disturbing scenes last night in Londonderry, and the police risk life and limb to tackle that."

The mess of Thursday flared after the city held a twelfth demonstration that was peaceful.

PSNI Supt Gordon McCalmont said he was "sad, discouraged and frustrated" that the police had again been attacked by a small number of people in the Bogside.

"It's nothing short of a miracle that the officers were not injured," he added.

"While we've seen many young people involved in these attacks over the past few nights, it's clear that this is being staged by a more sinister, adult, violent dissident dissident, and that's about to end."

The Police Federation has said that the encouraging children and adolescents who riot in the Bogside are guilty of child molestation.

Chairman Mark Lindsay called on the community to reclaim the streets from the "gangsters" and described dissident republicans involved in staging the disturbance as a "merciless, heartless pile of cowards".

He added, "The terrorists who hide in the shadows get children – some under 12 years old – to do their dirty work by firing gasoline bombs, bricks and bottles in police bars.

"This is child molestation, and young, vulnerable children are encouraged to riot and cause havoc so that the bomber and the gunman can gain a better viewing position, it makes them sick."

DUP MLA Gary Middleton said the disturbance has been "the most troubling and unsettling scene" in Londonderry for years.

He added that parts of the Bogside with burning barricades resembled the no-go areas of the 1970s.

"Not only were children used by faceless, sinister elements, but some adults stood there as spectators, while young people hurled gas bombs and other objects at the police," he added.


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