News "Duration is, from the start, one of the essential...

"Duration is, from the start, one of the essential elements of the conflict"


Tic-tat. Ticking. Nothing is more destabilizing for a President of the Republic than losing control of time. Since his wishes to the French, on December 31, 2019, Emmanuel Macron has made no secret of his impatience to end the pension conflict. "I expect the government of Edouard Philippe to find a way to a rapid compromise", he had launched. Since then, as a good soldier, the Prime Minister has been struggling to get out of the quagmire while the Head of State is staging other more promising subjects.

Illustration, January 10. While in Matignon, Edouard Philippe stepped up consultations with a view to a compromise with the reformist unions, Emmanuel Macron intervened before the Citizen's Climate Convention, with the promise of concrete measures in April, if necessary by referendum. Long live ecology and thank you Ve Republic ! In heavy weather, the executive’s two-headed character is good: one is charcoal, the other overlooks … Provided, however, that its soles do not become lead.

However, the retirement issue is posing a serious problem for the president: he is threatening to bog down the man who claimed to embody the movement. He condemns the "walker" who had given himself the ambition, in 2017, to transform the country.

If the number of strikers continues to decrease, the duration of the mobilization, it is about to beat all records. For more than five weeks, rail and metropolitan traffic has been experiencing major disruptions, and, despite the gesture of the Prime Minister, who announced, Saturday, January 11, the withdrawal of the pivotal age, nothing says that work will resume quickly.

A "truce" without effect

While the CGT, FO, SUD, CFE-CGC, FSU and Solidaires have called to continue the movement, CFDT-Cheminots, UNSA-RATP and UNSA-Ferrérale are tempted to do the same then that Laurent Berger and Laurent Escure, the Secretaries General of the two organizations, welcomed the Prime Minister's gesture.

As historian Laurent Frajerman points out in a tribune at World (8 January) "Social conflict" is back, contradicting "The dominant analyzes, which predicted its end". And that really doesn’t bother the executive.

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Certainly, Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe knew, by embarking on the creation of a universal pension system, that they would go to conflict. The second, especially, which, by discovering, during the summer of 2019, the file prepared by Jean-Paul Delevoye, had touched the multitude of problems that would pose, mid-five-year period, in a still electric climate, the down from forty-two different diets.


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