Space giant rocks are often terrifying space objects for humans, and may be the most frightening of the large object resembling the skull "2015 TB145," the space object, which was first detected on 31 October 2015, about 486 thousand kilometers from our planet, 1.25 times the distance between Earth and Moon, using large radar telescopes such as the Arcepo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

The culprit was associated with this date, making scientists call it "Haloin's Comet" and "Death asteroid".

It is expected that this space object will pass on November 11, 38 million kilometers from our planet, about a quarter of the distance between Earth and the Sun (150 million kilometers).

Scientists will have a second chance to take a closer look at the 625-meter-wide "skull" of space, which the researchers believe is a "dead comet"

The comet takes about three years to complete one cycle around the sun.

But this does not mean that the Earth will get another visit from the comet in 2021, in fact, the "asteroid of death" will be able to reach any place close to Earth again only in 2082, when it will rise about a third of the distance between the earth and the sun, So there is nothing to fear about this terrifying rock in the near future.

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