During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Bali HIV/AIDS Patients Are Even Untreated Bali – Most of the patients suffering from HIV/AIDS in Bali have apparently missed treatment time since the Covid-19 pandemic was rampant until now.

As is known, the deadly virus from Wuhan, China, has had a fatal impact throughout the world, including one of the provinces in Indonesia, namely the Island of the Gods.

Well, besides being deadly in the tourism sector, this virus also puts people’s lives at risk. One of them is the cause of the delayed health recovery of HIV/AIDS sufferers.

This was revealed by Yuni Ambara as Head of the Media Program of the AIDS Commission (KPA) of Bali Province during a visit to the Secretariat of the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), Monday (04/04/22).

According to Yuni, some patients are reluctant to take treatment for the infectious disease while the Covid-19 pandemic in Bali is still ongoing.

“Based on data from the government, 60 percent of HIV/AIDS patients died of tuberculosis,” Yuni said, Monday (04/04/22) quoted by The Bali Sun page.

According to him, this has prompted the relevant agencies to increase the number of Molecular Rapid Tests (TCM) to find out new cases of the HIV/AIDS virus.

“We hope this step can reduce the fatal death rate of the virus by providing early treatment to patients,” he said.

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