During the Spring Festival, the overall social situation of Nan’an City is stable, public security and order are good-Minnan Net

On January 30, the reporter learned from the Nan’an Public Security Bureau that during the Spring Festival, a total of 27 criminal cases occurred in the city, a year-on-year decrease of 27%. Among them, there were 15 cases of dangerous driving and 4 cases of theft, the same as the same period last year; 3 cases of fraud, a year-on-year decrease of 57.1%; there were no police reports of telecommunications and network fraud for 5 consecutive days, and 15 cases of fire were handled efficiently. The public opinion and social security situation are generally stable, and the people of the city have a peaceful and safe Spring Festival.

During the Spring Festival, the Nan’an Public Security Bureau conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the superiors, strengthened the responsibility of “the masses celebrate the festival, and the police stand guard”, took the initiative to take the initiative, took the initiative to act, and took sufficient security measures to protect social stability and the safety of thousands of families with heart and soul, and effectively ensure the overall social situation of the city Stable and stable.

During the Spring Festival, the Nan’an Public Security Bureau fully carried out the two livelihood campaigns of “Spring Festival Transport” and the central urban area “safety, smoothness, and harmony”. A total of 594 police officers were dispatched to ensure the security and stability of the central urban area, smooth roads, and safe travel for the masses through video surveillance and inspections and cavalry team patrols along the entire road, combined with drone call reminders; 1 entertainment venue, 179 fireworks and firecracker wholesale and retail outlets, 58 scenic and non-scenic spots, 21 water, electricity, oil and gas and other key units carried out pre-holiday safety inspections to eliminate a number of potential safety hazards.

In view of the sudden increase in the flow of people that may lead to traffic accidents and the high-speed entrances and exits that are prone to backflow and congestion, the Nan’an Public Security Bureau has carefully formulated a diversion plan, strengthened road surface control, and made every effort to ensure smooth flow and safety. During the festival, there were no dead traffic accidents in the city, and 31 cases of drunk driving were investigated and dealt with. There were no long-term and long-distance traffic jams in major traffic nodes in the city, and the road traffic safety situation was stable and smooth. (Reporter Li Guiling)

Responsible Editor: Ling Qinli