Düsseldorf Airport warned of delays – mitigation successful

The airport had warned of delays because of a bomb disposal in Neuss. The World War II bomb was then successfully defused late in the evening.

Anyone who wanted to pick up passengers from the airport in Düsseldorf on Wednesday evening had to expect delays: Due to the defusing of a World War II bomb in Neuss, there should be delays in arrivals at Düsseldorf Airport – the airport warned of this on Twitter in the evening. Departures were therefore not affected.

In the afternoon, an American bomb from the Second World War weighing ten hundredweight was discovered in the Bolssiedlung in Neuss. At 7:30 p.m., the explosive ordnance clearance service of the Düsseldorf district government began to defuse it – from then on air traffic over the state capital’s airport was also affected.

The bomb was then successfully defused late in the evening, as “” reports.

Flights to Dusseldorf delayed due to World War II bomb

Around the site where the World War II bomb was found on Bataverstraße, residents in a danger area of ​​around 500 meters around the site had to leave their homes in the evening – several companies also had to stop work as a result. The warning app Nina also pointed out the danger.

According to the city of Neuss, 600 people were affected by the evacuation, and traffic on Eupener Strasse, Bataverstrasse and Autobahn 52 also came to a standstill due to police barriers.