Düsseldorfer EG defeated Krefeld Penguins at the beginning

6: 4 spectacle
DEG wins wild start in Krefeld

Started strong, then wobbled, but brought the lead over time. The Düsseldorf ice hockey professionals win on the first day of the new season 6: 4 in Krefeld.

The scenes were known from somewhere. Cheering Düsseldorfers down on the ice, up in the stands a celebrating guest block, while the first Krefeld fans trot towards the exit, shaking their heads. Krefeld Pinguine versus Düsseldorfer EG – that has usually been better for the guests in recent years. Now, in the new season of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL), it is supposed to be different. The KEV has strengthened itself prominently in some cases, the DEG in turn had to save. But at least on the first game day on Friday everything was the same: DEG won 6: 4 (2: 0, 3: 3, 1: 1) and celebrated a successful start.

The game had started badly. A minute was played when Joonas Järvinen was kneeling on the ice, had to go into the dressing room a short time later and never came back. The same Järvinen, whom DEG had signed only a few days ago, so that he should stabilize the defense. And since Kyle Cumiskey had to pass in the run-up, DEG suddenly only had two experienced defenders on the ice.

Initially, however, there was hardly any demand for them. DEG played forward quickly and without frills and had their first chances. After five minutes, captain Alexander Barta already scored 0: 1 – and then cheered with an outstretched index finger – as if he wanted to show everyone who thinks DEG is a relegation candidate.

It is not known whether the Krefeld team will do this, but that DEG is starting the new season rejuvenated is certainly not hidden from them. So in the minutes that followed they tried to impress the inexperienced guests with physical toughness. The mixture of the start of the season, the first game in 18 months in front of the audience and the derby caused emotions – and lots of checks, DEG striker Jerry D’Amigo and KEV captain Martin Schymainski even let their fists fly for a moment. Which especially woke up the hosts, who were much better in the game afterwards. Nevertheless, the next goal fell on the other side, Carter Proft shot under the crossbar just before the first siren to make it 2-0.

Anyone who thought that would provoke the Krefeld people was mistaken. The middle section also belonged to the guests at first. Daniel Fischbuch and Tobias Eder even increased to 4: 0 for DEG, whose fans then mocked Krefeld with “relegated, relegated” shouts. Even the first KEV hit of the day didn’t change the good mood. Victor Svensson simply made it 5: 1 outnumbered. The evening seemed more or less over. But far from it, now the DEG defense allowed itself more and more mistakes, even before the end of the second period Krefeld scored twice, so it was suddenly only 5: 3.

The 6: 3 by Brett Olson five minutes before the end did not cause any calm, as the fourth KEV hit did not bother either. It was much more painful that after Järvinnen, Fischbuch had to go out injured. It is still unclear whether both can play in their first home game against Augsburg on Sunday (5 p.m.).


Krefeld – DEG 4: 6 (0: 2, 3: 3, 1: 1)

YOU: Goal: Pantkowski (Hane); Defense: Nowak, Henzinger – Zitterbart, Järvinen – Ebner, Trinkberger – Geitner; Attack: Eder, Barta, Ehl – Fischbuch, D’Amigo, Olson – Fischer, MacAulay, Proft – Postel, Svensson, O’Donnell

Referee: Schrader/MacFarlame

Tore: 0: 1 (5:06) Barta, 0: 2 (18:50) Proft, 0: 3 (26:29) Fischbuch (5-4), 0: 4 (27:50) Eder, 1: 4 ( 28:16) Volek, 1: 5 (34:46) Svensson (4-5), 2: 5 (35:45) Bracco (5-4), 3: 5 (37:08) Schymainski, 3: 6 ( 54:30) Olson (5-4), 4: 6 (55:39) Bracco