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Dussopt does not exclude

It was in front of a sparse audience that the Secretary of State for the public service, Olivier Dussopt, responded to the statements of the nine federations of civil servants after his presentation of the project of reform of the civil service, in gestation since one year. Seven of the nine unions had left the room.


" While the big national debate shows the existence of many expectations on the public service, we are presented with an accelerated calendar and already closed tracks Said FSU Secretary General Bernadette Groison. " We are particularly angry, on the background and the form "Insisted Gaëlle Martinez, of Solidaires, judging" urgent to react While the general secretary of the CGT-public functions, Jean-Marc Canon, spoke of "catalogue of the worst that could be feared And Christian Grolier, his counterpart at Force Ouvrière, with a masquerade ".

The CFDT and the UNSA, who remained until the end of the meeting to listen to Olivier Dussopt's reply, also came out unhappy. " There are provisions in this act that will change the fundamental elements of what the public service is today "Lamented Luc Farré, for the UNSA. " We have reiterated our criticism, on the method, the schedule and warned that we will say without faking our disagreements "Said Mylène Jacquot, representing the CFDT-Public Service. " But, she added, we will also say the satisfied claims ". A clarification that is not purely formal in view of Olivier Dussopt's strategy.

Way of passage

The nine unions, which will meet on 19 February at Unsa, share many criticisms of the reform: against the merger of the representation of officials, against the extension of the field of contract, against the abolition of posts. .. In this context, rather than the frontal opposition dear to his minister, Gérald Darmanin, and source of union unity, the Secretary of State for the public service seeks a way of passage.

Thus, while it largely opens up the use of contract workers, the draft bill presented to unions is well below the announcements of the individualisation of agents' salaries made during the launch of the reform, on 1 February 2018. But above all, Olivier Dussopt opened the game in " inviting all trade union organizations, such as public employers, to enrich the draft law by amendments before it is examined by the Council of Ministers ", Says the statement issued by Bercy at the end of the meeting. " At the comma or semi-colon close As Jean-Marc Canon said at the exit?

Too short

In any case, all the unions agree that the time left to examine the text of only 33 articles but about 50 pages without the explanatory note is too short for this to be a posture. Proposals for amendments will have to be tabled by March 1, to be considered by the senior council of the public service on March 6. The calendar would be constrained by the agenda of the Council of State which must examine the text before its examination in the Council of Ministers on March 27.

Leila de Comarmond


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