The State Department confirms to it AD that the Rotterdam Ravenberg, a 33-year-old girlfriend from Amsterdam and a 26-year-old Dutch friend were killed instantly. An eyewitness told Citi News that there was a malfunction under the truck, causing the driver to lose control and end up on the wrong lane.

On social media, well-known Dutch people, especially in the hip-hop scene, remember the death of the young mother. So writes footballer, rapper and Mocro Mafia-actor Royston Drenthe on Instagram: “We lost a real one. Rest in peace, queen. More than speechless, you did not deserve this. ”

Actress Imanuelle Grives shares, among other things, her admiration for Ravenberg: “You leave a lot of people sad, who looked up to you, loved you and wanted to learn from your special life lessons. I wish strength to your loved ones, family and friends. You will be greatly missed! ”

Also the Dutch hip-hop stars Crook in Lil Kleine let them know on social media that they mourn Ravenberg.

A family member tells it AD that Ravenberg was in Ghana with the two occupants to support poverty-stricken children. “Jaysira was more than just an influencer. Jaysira was a sweet niece, a lovely daughter and above all a great mother. She always tried to be there for everything and everyone. She always thought of the people who were less fortunate. ”

Last spring, FunX made a report about Ravenberg, who had to stop working as a make-up artist due to the corona crisis. She then started working for the elderly. And she did this by making fruit baskets, provided with cards with phone numbers of followers that could be called by the elderly if they felt lonely.

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