Dutch women very critical of their partner’s choice of clothing | Lifestyle

Commissioned by Acties.nl, Panelwizard asked 1066 adult Dutch people with a permanent relationship about their appreciation for the clothing choice of their other half. This shows that women are significantly more critical than men.

One quarter of Dutch women (26%) are even ashamed of their partner’s clothing, according to one of the conclusions. A third have given up hope that this will ever change.

Fashion blunders

When it comes to fashion advice, most Dutch women don’t mince their words. The research shows that as many as three quarters of them have criticized their partner’s outfit at some point.

It is funny that 39% of Dutch women find it annoying if their other half has something to say about their choice of clothing. Among men, this only applies to a fifth of all respondents.

A large proportion of the women surveyed are actively involved in their partner’s clothing choice(s). For example, no less than sixty percent of all Dutch women state that they have saved their love from a fashion blunder.

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