Organizers of a dwarf wrestling event are preparing to take legal action against venues that have canceled their events.

Performers who work with Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling are touring the UK, but got angry after criticizing a charity that caused the venues to withdraw from the tour.

The Restricted Growth Association (RGA), a UK charity, criticized the tour saying that the scheduled events had "strong historical ties to the freak shows of bygone days".

"We remain determined to believe that such events are primarily about smiling at the audience about the short-lived and the spectacle of violence against minions as entertainment for average-sized people," said Gill Martin, chairman of the RGA ,

The charity also criticized the group's use of the word "Midget" in promoting events.

"We are deeply disappointed that direct visitors to the dwarfs on their website call people with short dwarfs" gnomes "- which is widely considered a very offensive insult," said Martin.

According to the BBC, three venues have withdrawn from the wrestling events,

The Morningside Arena in Leicester, the Ferndown Leisure Center in Dorset and the Corn Exchange in Devizes have canceled all shows.

Center Stage Entertainment, the organizer of the tour, is now against the RGA "for false allegations" and against the "discrimination centers".

The company said letters of complaint had been sent to each party to give them the opportunity to respond and possibly reach an out-of-court settlement.

Devizes Corn Exchange said it had not received a letter of complaint but sent an e-mail asking the event managers to rethink their decision.

A venue spokesman said he was trying to be "equally accessible to all members of the community, regardless of race, color or ability," but "it's difficult to see how it would not give credibility to a measure of credibility to the behavior shown Members of the Dwarven Community ".

The group is very upset by the cancellation of the events and loses two weeks' pay when the tour is canceled. Englisch:…31&Itemid=32 The Daily Telegraph,

"The wrestlers who do the tour feel that this is discrimination," a company spokesperson said, "and that every person has the right to choose their own career path and not be told what they can and can not do . "

The RGA has said earlier that events such as dwarven wrestling have a detrimental impact on the daily lives of dwarfish people.

"We are aware that these people have chosen this spectacle," said Ms. Martin.

"But their choice supports an insidious stereotype that affects the rest of us and our ability to choose our own self-image and lead the kind of lives we cherish."

A British dwarfish politician has declared his support for the performers.

"If you want to wrestle, let them go, if you disagree, do not go," said James Lusted, a County Councilor in Rhos-on-Sea, North Wales, opposite BBC Radio Wales.

Many of the wrestling events are scheduled for October in Cardiff, Torquay, Swansea and Liverpool.



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