The organizers of a controversial dwarf wrestling event reportedly sue some venues that had moved away from hosting the show.

The Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling Show was scheduled for a UK tour in Leicester, Dorset and Devizes, but the venues were canceled after public criticism.

The Restricted Growth Association described it as a "freak show" that "was primarily about getting the audience to laugh about the short-lived and the spectacle of violence against minions as entertainment for average-sized people."

One of the venues, Leicester's Morningside Arena, tweeted at the time: "We are proud to be a place where artists and guests from all walks of life, with or without disabilities, can participate and are keen to be any athlete or artist has the same opportunities to work and earn a living.

"Due to the promotion for the upcoming Dwarfanators Professional Wrestling Show, however, it was decided that we could not host the event."

The Corn Exchange in Devizes said, "Since the booking, it has become clear that many members of the dwarf community are exposed to above-average abuse and personal attack.

"Given the nature of the event, it is difficult to see how it provides a degree of credibility to the behavior given to the members of the dwarf community, and that is not something we can be associated with as a venue, such as unintentionally, too. "

The third venue was the Ferndown Leisure Center in Dorset.

Dwarves answered on Facebook: "Dwarfs, a show with dwarfism, are discriminated against because of our size.

"The RGA, a lobby group from England, is trying to cancel our shows because they think that people with short stature can not compete in a pro wrestling sport.

"They called us despicable, side show, freak show, Victorian and grotesque show."

On Saturday, a report said the Event Stage Entertainment organizer had sued the venues for discrimination.

It has also been alleged that the company is acting against the RGA claiming they made false claims.

Three complaint letters were sent to the scenes and the RGA, giving them the opportunity to respond and agree out of court, according to the BBC.

The shows in Cardiff, Torquay, Swansea and Liverpool will take place in October.


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