Dwayne Johnson could replace Will Smith in “Aladdin 2” after the controversy

Written in CELEBRITIES the 17/5/2022 · 13:50 hs

Will Smith He did not measure the consequences of the controversial moment he starred in at the last Oscars after slapping Chris Rock after telling in front of everyone a joke in bad taste about his wife’s alopecia Jada Pinkett Smith. Among the punishments he received is the veto from the Academy for ten years and not participating in the second part of Aladdin.

Will Smith is a great actor, he has stood out in the entertainment industry with his roles in films like “Bad Boys” y “Focus”. He assumed the role of the genie of the lamp in “Aladdin” earning the love and respect of peers, film critics and the general public.

However, one of the consequences of his actions was no longer participate in part two of the successful installment of Disney. Who will replace him?

Dwayne Johnson could replace Will Smith in “Aladdin 2”

After doing an excellent role as the genie of the lamp, Will Smith was suspended for the second installment. Different international media assure that the actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, will take his place in the film that will be released in 2025.

Unfortunately, it is not the first project that has slipped out of his hands after being named best actor at the important award ceremony. He starred in a very strong moment that left everyone present silent and wondering if it was real to all of us who watched the live broadcast.

Had to say goodbye to some more productions that he was about to record like “Bad Boys”. Unfortunately, he is going through a bad time where the work is getting out of hand and he has not received the public support of the person he most expected him to do: his wife whom he defended.