Dybala is suing Juve for 50 million.

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Media in Italy claim Paulo Dybala wants to sue Juventus for €50m, the difference between the contract he agreed with the Old Lady and his current contract with Roma. The story between La Hoya and the Bianconeri risks ending in a legal battle, who are still owed around €3 million of the striker’s wages. A deal that the prosecutor’s office and the federation are investigating.

According to “Corriere della Sera” and “Repubblica”, the Argentine wants Juventus to pay the amount due by April or he will sue his former club. That’s not all, however, as the player’s lawyer appears determined to sue Juventus for failing to extend the striker’s expiring contract in 2021-22.

Dybala’s lawyer Luca Ferrari reportedly told assistant prosecutor Marco Gianoglio and prosecutor Mario Bendoni on February 28 that the club and his client had agreed to a new contract “in every essential element”: a five-year deal worth a net 9, 2 million euros, about 17.4 euros m before taxes.

According to the report, Dybala allowed a representative – who is not his agent – to bypass professional secrecy and reveal the details of his deal to prosecutors in Turin. “I think I will follow two paths,” Dybala Ferrari’s lawyer told prosecutors Gianoglio and Bendoni. “Act both on the basis of the failed renewal and on the defense pleadings signed with the second maneuver.”

Dybala had signed an undisclosed deal with Juventus which was to give La Hoya €3m whether he stayed or left Turin.

Dybala’s contract with Juve expires in June 2022, but Juventus initially agreed to extend his stay before changing their mind a few months later, following the €80 million purchase of Dusan Vlahovic from Fiorentina.

Dybala will therefore not only be suing Juventus for €3m if he is not paid by April, but will also be seeking a further €50m, which is the difference between the agreement he reached with Juventus and the three-year contract he signed with Roma last summer .