Dying BBC journalist honored by the Queen. He will give her an important title

The Queen acknowledged that she was “pleased” to endorse James with the title of lady. In turn, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that “if it was ever worth doing it, right now”. The former headmistress and teacher has been suffering from colorectal cancer since 2016. Since then, she has been informing about the course of treatment on an ongoing basis. Now, as the founder of the Bowelbabe Foundation, she has raised over £ 3.8 million for Cancer Research UK.

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– Thanks to her tireless campaign and open sharing of her experiences, she has not only helped us in the fight against this terrible disease, but has made countless people suffering from the disease with a capital C do not feel like cancer. lonely – said the politician. – I hope that this recognition from Her Majesty – supported, I am sure, by the whole country – will bring some encouragement to Deborah and her family in this difficult time (…) – he added.

James in an interview with “The Sun” confessed that she was speechless when she found out about the award. – I am shocked and at the same time feel incredibly honored. I don’t know if I deserve it. I can’t express what that means for my family, said the stunned journalist. She hoped to raise £ 5m by Saturday 14 May.

The British children are very proud of her, and Seb’s husband has revealed that the title of knighthood is something she “would never dream of but really deserve”. The Queen made an exception for James, as she usually awards titles around New Year’s Day or closer to her birthday.

The 40-year-old woman, who has only a few weeks left, revealed in a recent interview that she had given her husband permission to remarry. She believes she has every right to do so, but only on condition that she can find someone to make him laugh like her. The woman decided to leave at her parents’ house. “I want to die listening to my loved ones, to the sounds of the normal buzz of life,” she said.

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