Dylan (Koh Lanta, the battle of the heroes) ready to cheat during his adventure, he makes big revelations


During episode 5 of the hero fight, Dylan shocked his comrades digging into Clementine’s bag, just to make sure she did not have a collar of immunity! And at Melty’s editorial office, we are convinced that Dylan’s recent confidences with our colleagues at Télé Star should also offend them … The candidate of the program made in TF1 He bluntly admitted that he was ready to cheat to win Yassin! He explains : “I could purposely fall to the posts for Yassin to win, he is a father of three, he builds his house, I have time”.

If Dylan and Yassin both participated in Koh Lanta Cambodia in 2017, they could not share this adventure together … So it was outside the shoot that they got to know each other and Dylan says: ” This friendship surprises everyone, but we are connected with Yassin. We saw each other after our first adventure. We used to play sports together and we dreamed of being in the game. He’s a real guy. He does not tell me what I want to hear but he wants me good ” . And otherwise, Koh Lanta’s production reacted to accusations of cheating by Internet users.


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