Dyvik Husby’s manager: – Hans-Erik’s body could no longer stand it

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby died on Friday, aged 49. – His body had simply said stop, says the artist’s manager Boye Nythun to Se og Hør.

– It is tragic, and now we ask for peace. We will not say anything more about the case, but go out with this, so that we avoid more speculation and rumors, says Boye Nythun, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby alias Hank von Helvete’s manager.
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– It was no secret that Hans-Erik has lived a hard life at times. He has also been open about this before. The last few months have been extra hard for him, and unfortunately the sum of a hard lived life became too much for him. Hans-Erik’s body could no longer stand it. He was found out in Slottsparken, his body had simply said stop, Boye Nythun tells the magazine.

Dyvik Husby’s best friend and manager says that there have been many rumors about the cause of death. That is why he goes against many of them, not least that the artist should have taken his own life:

– In recent days, we have seen and observed a lot of rumors about Hans-Erik’s death. I can deny that Hans-Erik took his own life. Hans-Erik had optimistic plans for the future and a lot to look forward to, he emphasizes.

Hans Erik Dyvik Husby, also known as Hank von Helvete when he performed with the band Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult during a concert at the Slottsfjell Festival in 2011.

Will drop speculation

– It is tragic, and now we ask for peace. We will not say anything more about the case, but go out with this, so that we avoid more speculation and rumors, says Nythun.

Nythun confirmed the death late Friday night after it had been known for several hours on social media.

At the same time, a message about the death was posted on “Hank von Hells” official Facebook page:

– We are sorry to announce that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, also known to the world as Hank von Hell, unfortunately passed away on November 19, 2021, it says in a message on Husby’s official Facebook page at 23 o’clock Friday night.

On Facebook, friends and artists wrote condolences and mourned the loss of the artist.

Hank von Helvete and Turboneger photographed on stage during VGLISTA TOP20 at Rådhusplassen in Oslo in 2007.

Best frontman

Dyvik Husby first became known as frontman and vocalist in the band Turboneger in the 1990s – then under the name Hank von Helvete. Over the years he was also known by other names such as Hertis and Hertugen, and he also had several film roles and was a writer.

Dyvik Husby was open about his time as a drug addict, that it eventually led to him having to give in to Turboneger if he was to manage to quit.

His international manager Mike Lynch tells VG that he was in shock and did not really let the news sink in when Boye Nythun called him and told him what had happened.

– He was simply the best frontman any rock band could ever dream of having on stage. He always managed to create a connection with the audience with his humor and special charm.



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