“Dzidziuś Majdan”. Radosław Majdan posted sweet photos of his son – o2

Come on, all get your act together. Half of you upload photos of your children and that’s ok, because no one but your friends sees it. But when someone famous shows something on the Internet, it hits you terribly. They have the right to enjoy their happiness. What’s wrong with that? You’re all looking at these photos. You’re all watching. For what? How do you not like them? I wonder how many of you commenters do not post photos on fb or insta? I do not throw in because I do not want to and do not need it. I don’t use social networks, but I don’t see anything wrong with people doing it. Let us decide for ourselves and let others decide. Nagonka either to Majdanów or to Lewandowski. It makes me laugh. When I don’t like to look at something, I look at different sides, but it’s about something else. You like to criticize others …

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