€ 750 bike and scooter bonus: this is how it works

There are only two days left (deadline May 13) to request the bonus for bicycles and electric scooters: the measure implemented by the government wants to facilitate those who have purchased these two vehicles in the period between August and December 2020 and who, however, have scrapped a polluting car. This measure was established by the law decree number 34/2020 called “Relaunch decree” and is a tax credit for Italians who have invested in sustainable mobility.

How does it work

The excellent news is that, compared to most government bonuses, in this case we do not look at the income bracket and therefore at the ISEE: they are entitled to it all natural persons who in the period mentioned above have spent money to buy bikes or scooters. As mentioned, however, it must be a “contemporaneity” of events, that is the scrapping of a polluting vehicle of category M1, that is “motor vehicles intended for the transport of persons and their luggage and having at least four wheelsand “. To understand if your former vehicle falls into this category, you need to look for the specific legislation governed by article 1, paragraph 1032 of law 145/2018”and at the same time purchased a vehicle, even used, with low carbon dioxide emissions (Co2 between 0 and 110 g / km)“, he writes The messenger.

The value of the bonus

The state bonus is worth up to a maximum of € 750 as long as the € 5 million made available by the government remains available. Hence, it is best to do quick with the question before the fund can run out. In this regard, the request must be made to the Revenue Agency within the next few hours (deadline May 13, 2022): it will be necessary to connect to the web portal of the Agency, enter the reserved area and fill in the form provided for the bike bonus and scooters. “The tax credit is usable exclusively in the tax return as a reduction of the taxes due and can be used no later than the tax period 2022“, the experts explain to the Roman daily.

After completing the inter, within five days the Revenue Agency delivers by e-mail or within the reserved area of ​​the site one receipt to confirm that the application has been accepted or rejected and, in that case, the reasons will be listed. After that, within ten days “from the expiry of the deadline for submitting applications“(in practice by May 23), it will be known the percentage of tax credit that is due to each subject who has requested it on the basis of requests that have been received and the limit they were talking about of 5 million euros.