EAPA A safe bet – University of Nîmes

Have you ever heard of the APA-S designation? L3 STAPS students Adapted Physical Activity and Health are organizing stands and activities to discover it on Friday March 24 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.!
Objective: simple and clear definition of the APA-S, and of the associated professional, i.e. the Teacher in Adapted Physical Activity.

As part of the National Day carried by AFAPA Adapted physical activity teacher, a safe bet!, the day of March 24 will be devoted to presenting the profession of the EAPA, the associated training, its skills, its fields of activity, its differences as well as its complementarities with other professions in the health and sports sector. Who is its APA-S intended for, when do they intervene and what are their benefits?

This action is carried out by students in L3 STAPS APA-S from the University of Nîmes within the teaching “Development of projects and programs in the APA-Health sector”.


Does your doctor make you exercise? In this workshop, thanks to an informative video and a quiz, you will discover the sport under
another angle! During these activities, we will inform you about the prescription of physical activity on prescription as well as the modalities of it through a fun team game.

The Wheel of Physical Activity, on the way to the recommendations!
Here you will find information about recommendations for physical activity, inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle.
A virtual wheel, categories of cards with multiple choice questions, your answer and voila. Join us to better understand all these terms and what they mean with numbers!


Have you ever heard of healthy sports? If so, do you know exactly what that means?
Come and discover more about healthy sports and healthy sports houses thanks to a great goose game and interesting infographics.
Having fun and learning are compatible, we are waiting for you to prove it to you!

Doing physical activity thanks to new technologies is possible, did you know?
A memorization game will allow you to learn more about different technological tools. Then you can go and test those at
available for you! Isn’t that great? Come many for the Hado, K-Plate and K-grip animations.

Let’s unite sport and work together! Boost your well-being, strengthen your team spirit and discover new activities with our
corporate sport development program. Games such as Times’up will be available, but also
situations to put you in the right conditions and above all to provide you with solutions to move at work!
Why an EAPA in its structure? Come and see what physical practice brings to your workplace.

The best way to know disability is to experience it! Handi’vie will then offer you various workshops in order to discover the
practice of physical activity for people with disabilities. Thus, you will have the opportunity to experience several
types of disability: motor & sensory Come and discover adapted sports practices with future teachers in

Chronic diseases, you know? Come and spin the wheel of problems and let yourself be carried away by the whirlwind of
APA-S! Thus, you will discover the different chronic diseases and the management by the EAPA with people who
have these pathologies.

What better than a young person to talk about the good and bad practices of daily life concerning aging well. We will guide you on prevention and recommendations for aging well. The goal is to engage in discussions with each of you.
Secondly, we will make the link between the role of the APA-S teacher and physical activity for aging well throughout
life long.