Early Morning Floods Inundate Tangerang City and Surrounding Areas

DIRECTIONS – The latest report on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at exactly 00.26 WIB, water flooded residential areas in the Cipondoh area, Tangerang City.

Heavy rains previously flushed this area since 23.30 WIB. For about an hour the rain didn’t stop.

As a result, river water overflows into residential areas and enters the house.

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The position of some of the residents’ houses in low-lying areas, as a result, was flooded up to the knees of adults.

This is quite surprising for residents who are sleeping at night. The water rose so very fast. This caused some residents to panic.

There were no signs of previous flooding, this was because the weather in the Cipondoh area, Tangerang City from morning to night was quite sunny.

At night it rains in this area with a large intensity of rainfall and a long time.

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Now, local residents are busy evacuating a number of their belongings so they are not flooded to the second floor of their respective houses.