News earth and mud block the inhabitants of a building

earth and mud block the inhabitants of a building


Fear a Jubilee Castle due to a landslide that affected a four-story building, blocking the building’s access. The landslide around 5:30 on Thursday 16 January on the Ascent of Jubilee Castle to Northern Rome.

The firefighters intervened on the spot with two teams (6 / A and 10 / A), the SAF and USAR specialist teams and the Autoscala, the police with the steering wheels and the agents of the Commissariat Fidene Serpentara, the civil protection, the agents of the III Nomentano Group of the Local Police of Rome Capital and an ambulance of 118 as a precaution.

Rescue operations were somewhat difficult due to the important mass of muddy soil that collapsed. The rescuers, however, managed to secure the eleven occupants who were stuck inside their apartments.

To determine the landslide the rupture of a water pipe with consequent loss of water. Aside from fear, no one was hurt.

Pending subsequent checks on the stability of the building and the area affected by the landslide, the property located at number 159 of the Castel Giubileo climb has been declared unfit for use.

The municipal agents then provided assistance to people who need housing assistance following the eviction ordered by the firefighters. These are 4 apartments currently not accessible to 11 occupants.

So far 7 of them have expressed the need for alternative accommodation and for which the agents of the NAE of the Local Police, together with the operators of the Social Operating Room of the Municipality of Rome, are working for assistance procedures.

VIDEO | Rays: “Solidarity hotel protocol activated”

In relation to the landslide, the declarations of the president of the III Municipio Montesacro Giovanni Caudo who in a note writes: “A landslide, this morning at 5.40 am, occluded the opening of some houses in the climb of the Castel Giubileo. Six accommodations have been declared unfit for use (one of which is uninhabited), 11 people have been evacuated, 7 must be housed in alternative housing For them, the housing assistance service has already identified a solution, nobody was injured“.

The landslide of part of the ridge was probably triggered by a loss of Acea water – specifies Caudo – who washed away the ridge during the night. The houses located in a landslide risk area are now closed and subject to anti-looting surveillance. Thanks to the police, civil protection and the local police of the Nomentano III group for the common work done and for having promptly operated and reassured the inhabitants“.

During the morning, in addition to the President of the Town Hall, the Mayor then arrived at the site of the landslide Virginia Raggi: “The firefighters and the civil protection are carrying out the investigations. At this moment it is premature to give a description, if not that this morning there was the landslide of the part of a ridge with the damage to some homes.”

“At the moment people have left home – Raggi continued -, we are activating the Solidarity Hotel protocol to host all the people who do not have alternative accommodation from tonight. At this moment we have no further information “.

The Mayor then stressed when the pentastellato administration is doing on the issue of hydrogeological risk: “We are investing heavily in the protection and interventions to preserve our city from hydrogeological risk. We remember all the interventions we are doing to “Villini“in V Town Hall to consolidate the underground quarries. All interventions in which little has been invested in the past, not only in Roma Capitale, like ai Colli della Farnesina “.

“Unfortunately in Italy the issue of hydrogeological risk has been somewhat underestimated in recent years. It seems to me that there is a turnaround. At the moment we are focusing on this situation to try to create the least discomfort to people and make them safe. the area”.

“There are a number of cavities in Rome that have been mapped – concluded Virginia Raggi – there are hills and hills on which there is the planning of consolidation intervention. Our Departments have a fairly clear and defined framework. Action is underway and we will gradually recover many years of missed interventions“.



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