Емле грозит глобальная катастрофа

The earth can become a greenhouseEven if humankind is to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the Earth's average temperature could rise another 3-4 degrees as the "safe" level of warming goes through other processes that are already hard or impossible to stop, writes the Chronicle.info with respect to Aspects.

The temperature may therefore exceed the average of the last 1.2 million years, writes N + 1 with reference to the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Now the average global temperature of the planet is about one degree lower than the pre-industrial period. H. The mid-nineteenth century. The 2015 Paris Agreement suggests that by limiting greenhouse gas emissions, the temperature rise due to anthropogenic climate impacts, which will not exceed two degrees Celsius, is a relatively safe threshold at which the effects of climate change are not as strong ,

Will Steffen (Will Steffen) of the Australian National University and his colleagues assessed the risk of a so-called "Earth greenhouse scenario" in which the average temperature is 4-5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, the global sea level around 10, to 60 m exceeds the current. "Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities are not the only factor that determines the Earth's temperature, and our study suggests that anthropogenic warming to two degrees Celsius can control other system processes that can be further heated, even if we no longer have greenhouse gases emit, "said Steffen.

"Earth greenhouse" scenario is particularly damaging the destruction of most of the coral reefs and their ecosystems, the risk of coastal flooding and adverse impacts on agriculture around the world.

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