Earthquake in the Police. Over 20 policemen have been given to the hands of the prosecutors in the case of the cop rapist. The chief of Police of the Capital and quit



Chief of Police of the Capital Nicu Dragos Orlando and his deputy, Marius Eugen Stefan, and have submitted his resignation of honour. 100 police officers were questioned by bosses as to find out if the agent is arrested for pedophilia, he was protected by colleagues.
Nicu Dragos Orlando had been appointed in September 2017, and Marius Eugen Stefan was in office from July 2015.

the Head of the Brigade Road traffic Police, commissioner Victor Gîlceavă, it is charged that after the last assault committed by Eugen Stan, with all that pictures with the author were run on all tv channels, not reported to the police inspectorate that it is a subordinate in the brigade. Anyway, after the control, the entire leadership of the Brigade is being investigated on disciplinary grounds.
the Report of the superintendent of Bogdan Despescu has 11 pages and leading up to his deputy, Marius Voicu, It seems that it’s just the time when he was chief of Police of the Capital. Now it is investigated disciplinary and him.
noting that, as is apparent from the report of the head of the general police inspectorate, the report on which you can see in full below, during the inspection they found several problems.
Thus, at the level of the Brigade Road, in the minutes of the meetings of training for entry into the exchange ll figure as a present and the head of the Brigade with all that the officer has not participated.
S have discovered a number of documents missing or poorly drawn.
In addition, the head of the rapist and the head of the Traffic Police sector 2 allowed Eugen Stan not to comply with the program “established in the job description”.
anyway, more cops at the Stations 18 and 22 will be investigated.
Specifically, the report addresses seven cops at the station 22 where it was reported the last case of aggression, which have announced their superiors only after five hours of the lodging of the complaint.
Of the section 18, which dealt with the case in 2016 when Eugen Stan attacked a woman, three police officers are responsible, respectively the former head of the department, the officer who has charge of the case, plus the head of the bureau’s criminal investigation.


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