Earthquake on Czech Television? Question marks around Železný

“I am seriously thinking about it,” according to Blesk, the current moderator of the main news program of the Czech Television, Jakub Železný, said on DVTV. He indicated his ambition earlier when he said on Czech Radio that the audition for the CEO will be before his 50th birthday.

He also indicated that he wanted to offer topics in the election to councilors that were crucial to him. And that is exactly the reason why he is considering a candidacy for the CEO of Czech Television. “But I have a feeling that the things we talked about here today are so crucial for me that it would be good to offer them as a topic who will need to assess whether institutions such as Czech Television will move in those few years. there, there, or elsewhere, “he reasoned at the end of the interview, in which he commented mainly on the topic of communists in the Czech Republic.

CT director Petr Dvorak talked about the series Most:

Although Železný’s ambitions are admirable, the reactions from the ČT Council, which will decide on the new boss, are not very positive. “Well, I don’t know if he is a suitable person for that,” councilor Jiří Kratochvíl responded according to Blesk, who, in addition to being a director and screenwriter, has been closely connected with Czech Television for years. He sat on the ČT Council already in 2001, then he ended up because the Chamber of Deputies dismissed the whole council during the so-called television crisis. He returned to the post in 2009, served as Vice-President and was last elected by Members five years ago.

“Television is not a small business, there are others who have vast experience. Television is a huge force of people, workplaces, foreign correspondents, it must be someone experienced, who knows it, who can do it, there can not be a moderator, then even an actor could dare. He has to be able to manage a public body, that’s no fun, “said Kratochvíl, who did not spare criticism even from the current director.

“The truth is that the CEO is not doing well now,” he said, according to Blesk. According to Kratochvíl, the new director should have experience in economics, but he could imagine someone who now works as a producer or producer.

On the other hand, who is positive about Železný’s candidacy is Councilor Roman Bradáč, who years ago headed Železný as the director of intelligence. According to Bradáč, the fact that he knows ČT well can play for Železný. “He first collaborated with Czech Television in 1999, when he moderated Sunday Morning. He has been working in the news since 2002, “he confided.

Director of Czech Television on concession fees:


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