EastEnders faces viewer boycott over 'ridicule' Linda and Stuart 'affair'


EastEnders is facing a viewer boycott over a possible affair between Linda Carter and Stuart Highway.
Linda could be falling in love with the man orchestrated by Mick's incarceration.
Linda seems to be believing in evil. Stuart's Mick did not shoot his childhood friend in the Queen Vic.
At the start of Tuesday night's episode, Linda took off her wedding ring in a shocking act of defiance which signaled the end of her marriage.
Stuart when he turns up at the pub.

Stuart and Linda have been getting dangerously close
(Image: BBC)

She took off her wedding ring – signaling the end of her marriage to Mick
(Image: BBC)
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The couple had an emotional heart-to-heart about the shooting as Stuart returned to the crime scene for the first time.
After reliving the ordeal in the kitchen, Linda took Stuart upstairs for another cozy chat.
She even hid Stuart from his brother Halfway and sister-in-law Tina in the kitchen.
Stuart then sent Linda a text message which read: "Thanks x"
Linda was uncertain about how to respond, "What are you talking about?"

Linda sealed her message with a kiss
(Image: BBC)
This has sparked major concerns that Linda and Stuart could embark on a sordid affair.
With Mick behind bars for the foreseeable future, the couple have the perfect opportunity for a steamy romance.
However, Tina and Highway already seems suspicious, while Shirley is sure to hit the roof.

Stuart could be in for a surprise
(Image: BBC)
Linda betrays Mick. EastEnders viewers have threatened to stop watching the soap.
One unhappy Carter said: "I'm sorry Eastenders but it's a stupid storyline, the only happy couple in the soap and you split them up.
Another added: "Awful storyline and Stuart is a terrible character / actor. Mick stood by Linda through her rape storyline and believed her to do so. Ridiculous! "
A third threatened: "If that ends up with a kiss I literally watch NEVER watching #eastenders @bbceastenders ever ever ever again."

Will Linda really leave Mick?
(Image: BBC)
However, some viewers are convinced that this is all part of a secret plan to take down Stuart.
"She's playing him like a fiddle," suggested on viewer.
Another agreed: "She's definitely setting him up, come on Linda !!"
"I really hope Stuart to confess, Linda's playing the long game and it's all to come," said a third.
 * EastEnders continues on Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm
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