(Image: BBC)

A well-known face from EastEnders will visit Walford after more than a decade since he last passed, and Dot Branning is thrilled, Dr. See Legg again – until he drops some heartbreaking news about them that change everything.

Dot returns from Ireland in the upcoming episodes and she is clearly unable to care for Sonia Fowler and Jack Branning. When Dot admits that she has serious health problems, she insists she be self-examined.

Dot gets a clean health note from the doctors, but she is not convinced and wants a different opinion. She then realizes that she will not rest until she is confirmed by the one family doctor to whom she would entrust her life.

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(Image: BBC)

She visits Dr. Legg, who hugs her warmly. And when he measures her blood pressure and tells her that she does not have to worry, she can finally relax. While she was with Dr. Legg is together, she encourages him to come to Walford to catch up with everyone.

Sonia Fowler has planned a birthday party for Robbie Jackson and so Dot invites the beloved doctor to come to her as a guest. Those who refer to Dr. Legg remember, are thrilled to see him and he enjoys being in familiar surroundings with friendly faces.

(Image: BBC)

While they're watching the party, Dot and Dr. Leggings like the old days, but soon the loving smile will be wiped out of Dot's face, when dr. Legg admits he has some shocking news for her. When he drops his bomb, Dot stops.

Will he tell her that he has not much time left to live? Spectators have speculated since Show Chief John Yorke had an emotional story for Dr. Ing. Legg's return Stinct reveals that it would be storyline for a tearful exit.

After seeing so many loved ones leaving the world, is Dot about to lose another friend?

EastEnders will broadcast these scenes on BBC One at 8pm on Friday, October 19.

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