Max (played by Jake Wood) is currently tied to Rainie (Tanya Franks) after the couple teamed up to make a fake EastEnders match.

Their marriage was initially a bid to get custody of Baby Abi, but now it's gotten serious.

In the next few scenes, Max and Rainie will receive alarming news from the lawyer Cora Cross (Ann Mitchell) while having breakfast.

Later, as the news comes in, Max will lose his temper and break out angrily.

Spoiler photos show Max holding a cup over his head before throwing it.

Max will realize that his chances of getting custody of Abi are seriously jeopardized.

Cora returns to the soap to shake up the process after the 2015 exit.

Recovered for short stays since 2015, it seems her upcoming scene includes Rainie's custody battle with Max over Abi.

Actress Tanya has suggested that the plot does not end up as most viewers expect.

Tanya explained, "I have an idea of ​​where the story is going, and I think the audience will be upset by what's going on, because maybe that's not what they expect.

"The only thing I find out about Rainie is her loyalty to the situation, and the partnership between Max and Rainie is very strong."

She added Digital Spy: "She wants to feel wanted, be a mother and have a right relationship. It's just about the package. "

EastEnders fans may find that Max will be away for a while after it's been announced that Jake will take the time to go on tour.

The 46-year-old star picks up his boxing podcast titled Pound For Pound on tour.

Worried fans will be relieved that Pound For Pound is only for 14 shows in total.

The show will be in High Wycombe at the Old Town Hall in January next year and will end at the end of February in London's York Hall.

When he was on Twitter to post a brief overview of the tour poster, Jake showed his excitement.

He wrote, "For the buzz, it will be so much fun. I can not wait to be on the road with @PoundPodcast @SpencerOliver. "

An EastEnders spokesman confirmed that Jake would take a "short break" from the show next year.

The bosses, however, keep their lips, which could mean that for Max at the soap.

EastEnders continues on BBC One at 8pm on Monday.


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