Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 12:00
EastEnder's Tina Carter finally announces the details of her shocking past with the evil Stuart Highway for the rest of her family next week, but how will they react when the truth turns up?

Since Mick's childhood friend Stuart returned to his life, he has brought nothing but trouble when he tried to arrest the upright landlord in his risky crusade as a predator hunter, tracking down pedophiles and revealing them online.

When he falsely accused an innocent man of defeating underaged girls, Mick bought his buddy for his misguided search of the police and Stuart vowed revenge.
When she returned from an overseas trip to Walford, Mick's aunt Tina was stunned to see Stuart, and had a flashback to a terrible childhood incident involving the terrible highway. She shares her memories with her friend Sonia Fowler and encourages her to report the incident to the police. On Monday, July 16, she confronts Stu with what he did to her.

She convinces that she has the wrong man and can not remember the event, Stuart tells Mick and Linda what Tina has been through, but avoids slandering herself. Tina begins to think that Halfway's mobbing brother could manipulate her to believe his innocence and her suspicions rise as she witnesses him whipping at a rowdy punter in the pub.

She drowns her worries as she struggles with the unfortunate memories. On Thursday, July 19, Tina recovers from a heavy night and eventually collapses, confessing to Linda that Stuart was responsible for what was heard by a murderous killer.

On Friday, July 20, Mick Stuart confronts what he heard Tina say, but will he learn the truth about what really happened? And since Mick felt Stuart was guilty of being jailed for something he had done, where he was later sexually abused by a guard, Mr Carter's loyalty is being torn down, who should he believe?

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