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Easter eggs a health risk? How many egg consumption is still healthy?

Cholesterol bombs for Easter – Are eggs really that unhealthy?

For Easter often come in many families eggs on the table. However, some people refrain because chicken eggs have a reputation for being unhealthy. But now more and more experts point to the healthy nutrients that can be found in it.

Valuable nutrients

For Easter, there are colorfully painted eggs in most German households. Especially children often can not resist. Chicken eggs contain not only valuable protein but also important vitamins and minerals. But according to some experts, neither children nor adults should consume too much of it, as otherwise cholesterol levels may increase. Is that true?

An Easter without eggs is hard to imagine. Often, however, it is advised not to consume too much of it, otherwise the cholesterol level rises too much. Is that true? (Image: Pixelot /

High cholesterol can be dangerous

About every third German citizen has high cholesterol. An elevated cholesterol level can lead to diseases of the vessels, with possible consequences such as a heart attack or stroke.

Affected individuals are often advised to change their diet to lower their levels.

Above all, lower egg consumption is often cited here. But do eggs actually harm our health or are they healthy for humans?

Healthier than long thought

Only recently, a study by American researchers has been published, which concluded that an increased consumption of eggs increases the risk of life-threatening heart disease.

However, other research has shown that chicken eggs are considerably healthier than has long been thought, which is why many years of warnings about eggs and butter in connection with high cholesterol levels have been lifted by many health experts.

Cholesterol is only present in egg yolk

As the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) writes, cholesterol, which is only present in egg yolk, fulfills important tasks in the organism, for example as the basis for hormone and vitamin D production.

Therefore, it is the body itself that does not depend on food intake.

However, it does not hurt if we take it, for example, by the consumption of eggs: In healthy people, the blood cholesterol level is regulated by a mechanism.

This ensures that the value remains largely constant, regardless of the level of cholesterol intake.

Healthy ingredients

The experts refer to their website on the positive ingredients of eggs. Thus, an L-weighted egg (about 70 grams) contains about nine grams of high-quality protein, eight grams of fat (mainly in egg yolk), and carbohydrate.

It also contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as well as the water-soluble B vitamins. The vitamin A – and its precursor, the pro-vitamin A (carotene) – is the most important vitamin in the egg.

It ensures that the eyes remain elastic, the iris adapts well to brightness and darkness and we see better at night.

Also worth mentioning are the minerals calcium, phosphorus and iron in the egg yolk and sodium and potassium in the egg white.

Enjoy eggs moderately

How many eggs per day may it be? Often it is recommended to consume no more than two of them per day.

But: "On the basis of current scientific findings, no upper limit for the consumption of eggs can currently be derived," Dr. Helmut Oberritter, former Managing Director of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) in an earlier communication.

"Eggs can, moderately enjoyed, complement your diet and be part of a full nutrition. If healthy people consume several eggs, especially at Easter time, that is perfectly acceptable, "said the expert.

Other experts have pointed out in the past that at Easter even three eggs a day are okay. (Ad)



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