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Easter weather: Spain beaten by RAIN and HAIL while in the UK HEATWAVE | Weather | news

The huge storms in Spain at this time of year were associated with unusually cold temperatures, with mercury dropping to 10 degrees in Madrid and 13 degrees in Alicante. But the beautiful weather in the UK will continue over the Bank Holiday weekend, with temperatures at Easter possibly reaching record levels. The Met Office said most of the country will be clear skies and warm temperatures. On Easter Monday up to 27 ° C can be reached.

The highest recorded temperature during an Easter weekend was 29.4 ° C, on Easter Saturday 1949 at Camden Square in London.

Met meteorologist Sophie Yeomans said it is unlikely that temperatures in this country will reach those highs.

She added: "It will not be one of the hottest April temperatures, the only one that will break it are some records for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday."

Ms. Yeomans said today with highs of 25 ° C, it is more likely that Britain will have record temperatures on Sunday and Monday.

The meteorologist added: "The highs today are probably 25 degrees Celsius, but I think there is a chance from outside to beat that.

"The ones we'll probably beat are those for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

"Into Sunday, probably back to 25C, we might get a 26C somewhere in the UK and probably another one or two degrees on Monday, 26C or 27C for Monday."

Thousands of people now flock to beaches and parks across the country to take advantage of the warm temperatures.

Bournemouth's coastline was crowded, while hotels sold their rooms to tourists and last-minute vacationers.

Over 50,000 people will be visiting Bournemouth beach on weekends.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council said that at noon today 182 beach chairs had been rented and 5,000 sun seekers had already absorbed the sun.

But not everywhere will be hot weather and bright sunshine at weekends. North West Scotland and the northern islands expect a few clouds and rain on Saturday.

The hottest temperature recorded on Good Friday was 26.9 ° C at St James's Park in London in 2011.

Mercury also reached 25.3 ° C on Easter Sunday and 24C on Easter Monday of the year.


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