Video footage shows the man lying on the floor at the entrance of the plane as a group of security guards pull him in to keep him from flying while other passengers scream and scream.

Once the man is held in a stranglehold by one of the security forces before he is arrested following the incident that took place yesterday at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, reports The Mirror.

The clip was posted on Twitter "An arrival with 2 hours delay and a deplorable welcome on board, which led to traumatic abuses for all passengers @ParisAeroport".

"In terms of experience client what do you say @easyJet?"

The flight was scheduled to leave at 9:10, but then be canceled and postponed at 11:00 the next day, after customers had already boarded the plane.

The incident happened after the cabin crew called the police to remove a group of men after engaging in their behavior.

The footage comes after thousands of passengers were stranded when 300 flights were canceled due to a strike by French air traffic control.

An EasyJet spokesperson said, "EasyJet is aware of this on-board crash prior to take-off, which was extremely stressful for the crew and passengers on board.

"The police were called to help the crew to deal with the incident and arrested the passenger.

"We do not tolerate any threatening or violent behavior towards our crew and will press for prosecution.

"We are doing everything we can to support the crew members who have been subjected to this unacceptable behavior."

The spokesman added, "The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is easyJet's top priority."

The planned Saturday and Sunday strike at airports such as Nice, Marseille and Lyon will cause thousands of people to travel chaos this weekend.

According to Ryanair, this will be the ninth weekend in the past 13 days, in which strike actions have taken place with French aircrew.

The low-cost airline, whose customer numbers rose by six percent last month to 12.5 million, had to cancel weekend already up to 100 flights.

Easyjet said on its website, "We expect delays and cancellations on some of our flights over the network.

"Flights that do not travel through France may still be affected, as 65% of Easyjet flights fly over French airspace and may be delayed before you board your flight."

Irish airline Aer Lingus said four of its flights would be affected, but affected passengers would switch to alternative services for free.

French workers have come down over a number of personnel and duty schedules.


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