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"Eat, and how": 45-year-old Julia Vysotskaya boasted a slim figure in a bathing suit

The director's wife, Andrei Konchalovsky, this year celebrated her 45th birthday, but in the pictures Julia Vysotskaya looks like a young girl. The actress has kept a fragile figure, admiring which her fans suspect that she is eating almost nothing. In this case, Vysotskaya loves to cook, leads the culinary program "Eat at Home" and writes gastronomic books. Many people think that Julia just cooks for the camera and feeds the results of her work to the family and the film crew, while she herself does not take a single crumb in her mouth. In Instagram, the TV presenter shared a snapshot in a bathing suit and dispelled all rumors about her diet.
According to the actress, she eats whatever she wants, but tries not to overeat.
– "Cooking all the time fat-sweet-salty-harmful … It does not eat!". He eats more, but he knows how to stop, think and reboot in time, ”Vysotskaya signed a picture taken at sea during the holidays.

 He cooks all the time fat-sweet-salty-harmful … She does not eat herself! eats, how else)

In the photo, Julia is posing on board a yacht in a bathing suit, over which she put on a light tunic. The actress has demonstrated long slender legs, once again delighted the subscribers of his page.
In Vysotsky's Instagram, there are often pictures of goodies, “forbidden” for the figure, which she allows herself on vacation or on weekends. For breakfast, Julia loves a cup of coffee with a croissant. And in Europe, in France or in Italy, can not resist the freshly baked bread and buns. She tries to balance her food at the expense of light products – the TV presenter has a lot of vegetables, salads and seafood. The husband of the actress, 81-year-old Andrei Konchalovsky, also looks very fit and cheerful. Spouses spend a lot of time in Italy, and, as you know, the Mediterranean diet – with plenty of olive oil, fish and fresh vegetables – is considered the most beneficial to health and longevity.

Today # Ekadashi for me is not a religious post, it is a # reset that is an opportunity to give the body a break from the endless processing of everything that enters the stomach. In addition, the lunar cycle helps to recover during this pause.

Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky together since 1998 – this year the spouses celebrate the 20th anniversary of their life together. The couple's daughters, Maria, are now 19 years old, and Pete's son is 14 years old. Julia often publishes cute family photos on Instagram, where they are photographed together with her husband, and confesses tender feelings to him. In the comments, the subscribers of the actress admire the fact that after long years of marriage, the spouses have retained their passion and love for each other. "What a sweet and touching !!!", "How beautiful it is when a husband and wife are tandem", "How great, you have retained a sharpness of feelings, despite the fact that you have been together for so many years," "Look at you when you together – it’s just a balm for the soul, ”the followers of Vysotskaya write.


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