Eat yogurt as an appetite suppressant that treats chronic infections


Eating yoghurt as an appetite suppressant treats the chronic infections of the Charter. We are publishing yoghurt as an appetizer to treat chronic infections. Eating yoghurt as an appetite suppressant treats chronic infections. . Charter Reading Time: 2 minutes “Al-Ahsa Today” – Al-Ahsa NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Taking yogurt before meals can help relieve chronic inflammatory pain and avoid the dangers of a high-fat diet, a new study suggests. Eating a small bowl of low-fat yogurt a day can help ease arthritis and asthma, as yogurt can calm chronic infections, researchers said. According to the new study, taking yogurt before meals can reduce inflammatory bowel disease, as well as obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. In their 9-week trials, the researchers found that even those who ate lots of meat and carbohydrates helped them take yogurt to get rid of infections caused by saturated fat. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, naproxen, hydrocortisone, and prednisone can help reduce the effects of chronic infections, but each carries its own risks and side effects. Over the past two decades, scientists have looked at alternatives, especially long-term safe and safe treatments. The main researcher, Brad Boling, a professor of food science, said that yoghurt was one of the most promising dairy products to combat serious infections. He pointed out to the Daily Mail website that through experiments: “We were interested in whole dairy products because they proved their anti-inflammatory effect In some previous studies on some people with obesity, so we wanted to look closely because we had to choose one category and looked yogurt promising more for a healthy digestive channel. “Their findings indicate that continuous consumption of milk may have a” general anti-inflammatory effect, “Dr. Bowling said.” His study did not explore more than 12 ounces of milk per day (about 300 calories) because that was more Slightly less than half of the recommended daily intake of dairy products in the United States. The study also did not identify any compounds in milk associated with the effect of promoting health or how it behaves in the body. Dr. Bowling said the next step for researchers would be to identify the compounds responsible for promoting yoghurt health and thus obtain concrete evidence about its mechanism of action in the body. Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings with the Family Charter website.
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