Eating 25-29g per day of these beloved foods reduces diabetes, heart attack and other conditions

News in the fight against diabetes, heart attack risk and other diseases such as colon cancer and stroke.

Before getting to the heart of the topic, it should be emphasized that the editorial staff does not intend to replace the treating physician in any way and for any reason. The latter, in fact, will always be consulted before making any choice. However, we believe it is useful to expand the knowledge on the subject in question, reporting the results of scientific studies carried out in recent years. The aim is to inform readers about the researchers’ progress.

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Returning to why eating 25-29 g of these beloved foods per day reduces diabetes, heart attack and other diseases, here are the news.

I study

The study, available here, is that of 2019, conducted by the University of Otago, New Zealand. According to researchers, increasing the amount of fiber in our diet helps preserve the body. In addition, replacing refined grains with whole grains also gives the body greater benefits. In particular, it seems that every 8 grams more of fiber consumed leads to a reduction of diseases of 5-27%.

The complex study involved a review of 185 previous studies. Furthermore, among the fundamental points of the research emerges the relationship between premature deaths and diseases such as heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

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What is the right amount?

According to the researchers, the right amount of daily fiber is around 25/29 grams.
The same study also found that 15 extra grams per day of whole grains reduced deaths and the risk of heart attack, colon cancer and diabetes by 2-19%. So, in a nutshell, eating 25-29 g of these beloved foods per day reduces diabetes, heart attack and other diseases.

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