Eating meals in the workplace: more flexible conditions

The Labor Code provides that the employer must provide employees with a place to eat in good health and safety conditions.

In principle, the employer is prohibited from letting employees eat their meals in the premises assigned to work. In order to be able to set up a catering location in them, the employer must make a declaration to the labor inspectorate and occupational medicine. These rules are amended until 1is December 2021 to take into account the new rules of the national health protocol on January 29, 2021. The minimum physical distance is set at two meters in the absence of wearing a mask (in particular during meals).

Adaptation to the health context

The ban on catering in work premises (offices in particular) has now been lifted to take account of the health crisis. When the configuration of the catering location does not allow physical distancing rules to be observed, the employer may provide other catering locations, including in the premises assigned to work. It is not necessary to make the declaration to the labor inspectorate and the occupational doctor. However, the employer must continue to ensure conditions that preserve health and safety (layout of the premises, hygiene) and ensure after each meal that the catering areas are cleaned.


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