ebay: woman gives away dog ​​- what happens then, is incredibly sad – mixed


ebay: woman gives away dog ​​- what happens then, is incredibly sad

It is incredibly sad what a dog given away on ebay had to go through. (Icon)

It is incredibly sad what a dog given away on ebay had to go through. (Icon)

Photo: imago images / Gerhard Leber

Mayen. It is incredibly sad what happened to a dog from Rhineland-Palatinate.

Since he was nine weeks old, Kovu lived with a family. He always had free access to the garden, at night he slept in the house, even had his own places in the bedroom. But then his wife had to give him up for private reasons and he hired him ebay Classifieds – to give away.

ebay: Woman gives away dog ​​- then something terrible happens

One customer was found quickly. But what happened to her dog then, the woman probably would not have expected. On his Facebook page reported the shelter Mayen (Rhineland-Palatinate) of the terrible fate of the dog of ebay Classifieds.

"Last Friday, just before noon, a shepherd dog was tied up next to the entrance to the animal home," it says. The man, who drove a red Mercedes with Aachen registration number, indicated that he had to go to the hospital with his wife, but he would return in the afternoon to explain "the dog".

Since then, every trace of the man is missing. "Back was a completely frightened dog, who had already tangled with the leash and could only sit on our flower tub," the shelter continues.

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Animal shelter takes care of abandoned dog

The German Shepherd dog had retreated ever further, warding off any attempt to free him from the leash. "All good and quiet persuasion did not help, the dog became more and more insecure and accordingly more inaccessible."

Only by a bitch of another employee, he was a little more trusting and could be soothed after much persuasion, that the line could be cut.


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The shelter now supplies the male. Through a chip and a Tasso registration the former owner could be found. She explained that the new owners had promised to return a signed protection contract by e-mail, but the family had never heard of the family again.

The shelter gave the former owner the contact details of the new owner, it filed criminal charges.

Kovu already fourth dog within a few months

Sad: Kovu is not the first fur nose that was given away on ebay: "Already the fourth dog within a few months was given away in this portal and then 'disposed of' in different ways with us," says the shelter.

And urges animal lovers: "Our big request at this point: NEVER give animals away, NEVER sell animals in portals like ebay classifieds! Losers are always the animals! "

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