Eccentric politician, erudite spoiled child and the king of revelry

It is still unknown how many days he has left to enjoy the official Downing Street residence, but most analysts suspect that there are already very few. Because the same electorate that elevated him as leader of the Conservative Party and British Prime Minister does not seem willing to forgive him now for his excesses during the pandemic or his lies. The comic politician who made them laugh so much disheveled listens to the incessant tick tock of the hands of the clock that marks his defenestration. Not precisely because his management during the health crisis has been bad, which was to the point of underestimating it until the day the virus also chose him as a host. The fall from grace of the eccentric character, a enfant terrible Raised in the best British schools, with a scruffy appearance and a brawling attitude, he has nothing to do with the disastrous management of the Brexit. A Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who since he was a child wanted to be the king of the world, they do not forgive him above all that he has become the king of revelry. According to the results of the latest YouGov poll, 56% of UK citizens want him to resign. And what is more revealing, 34% of the members of the Conservative Party believe that it should step aside and make way for another.

Downing Street became something of a nightlife hub during the pandemic, with alcohol-fueled parties on Fridays as ordinary citizens were placed under restrictions to control the virus. Cornered, Johnson had no choice but to admit in the House of Commons that he had been at one of the parties organized in the ministerial offices. Public outrage is running rampant in the UK because, as Djokovic, the irreverent Johnson does not believe that all citizens are equal before the law. Can you imagine what would have happened if the parties were in Moncloa? s. arias